Three Ways to Lower Your Pre-LSAT Stress

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    pressure-1With just over a week to go before the October LSAT, many students are now focused on the final countdown to the big day. At this point, you've likely already invested significant time and effort into your preparation, perhaps with a class, a tutor, or a program of self-study. Ideally, you've taken at least a few practice tests, you're ready with an effective, efficient approach to the test, and you're looking forward to your opportunity to distinguish yourself next Saturday! If so, here are a few ways to help make the countdown to test day as stress-free as possible: 

    1) To whatever extent possible, plan to take it easy on Friday!  This is a point about which most test experts agree. If you've already been preparing, it should be fairly obvious, but the LSAT is not the sort of test that can be effectively attacked with last-minute cramming. If you can, try to avoid working or studying on Friday to ensure that you are well-rested and ready to bring your A-game on Saturday!  If you find it difficult to keep the LSAT off of your mind, then try to focus less on specific concepts, and more on avoiding test day anxiety and ensuring that you have the right mental outlook going into the test.


    2) It's not too early to make sure you have everything you will need on test day, including your directions to your test center, your i.d., and a recent, passport-type photo (not the sort of thing you want to figure out on the way to the test!). If you've registered for next weekend's LSAT, your admission ticket is already available for printout through your account.

    3) Make plans for after the test to celebrate! There's nothing wrong with taking some pride in the fact that you are stepping up to what most people would agree is a very significant challenge. And if you are anxious at all about the LSAT, it might be helpful to give yourself something specific to look forward to—ideally this will help make test day more enjoyable, and the countdown to test day less stressful. Beyond that, after taking on the LSAT, you’ll deserve it!  


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    Image: Pressure Gauge, courtesy of William Warby