The LSAT Bibles vs The LSAT Bible Workbooks vs The LSAT Training Type Books

    LSAT bibles, LSAT prep, PowerScore LSAT, LSAT help, free LSAT helpPeople often ask about the differences between our various books. Here’s a short guide:

    The LSAT Bibles: These books explain the concepts that underlie the section, and detailed techniques for solving each question. They are the foundation for learning how to approach each section.

    The LSAT Bible Workbooks: These books provide more drills and questions, and are based on the material in the LSAT Bibles. They help cement the ideas contained in each LSAT Bible.

    The LSAT Training Type Books: The books provide extended practice for each type of question, and allow you to repeatedly practice applying the techniques in the LSAT Bibles.

    Thus, if you are starting out with your studies, begin by reading through the LSAT Bible on that topic, then follow it up with the Workbook for more focused practice, and finally practice on actual questions using the Training Type books. For example, if you were starting out and wanted to study Logic Games on your own, take the following route:

    1. Start with the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible.
    2. Continue on with the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible Workbook.
    3. Refine your skills by practicing on hundreds of questions with the PowerScore LSAT Logic Game Type Training I and II.

    If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!