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    Portrait of the author taking a practice LSAT. Ok, not really, but you need to approach each test like with an aggressive mentality, and part of that confidence is knowing as much about the process as possible. With the LSAT less than a month away, most students have amped up their practice testing. Taking practice tests is one of the most important elements of preparing for the LSAT, but many students don't know the right way to take and review tests. In order to help you get the most out of each test that you take, we've compiled the many PowerScore free resources and grouped them together into a comprehensive overview of the process.  If there's something to be squeezed out of a test, you'll find it here!

    How to Take a Practice LSAT

    The Ideal Way To Take a Practice Test: An excellent overview of how to take a full LSAT PrepTest.

    10 Steps To Taking LSAT Practice Tests: Ten key steps to make sure your practice test experience is optimal.

    Comprehensive LSAC LSAT Publication Identifier List: A list of every single released LSAT by test date and by PrepTest number. Use this list to find LSATs to take and and figure out where to find them.

    The Best Places To Take Practice Tests: Looking for the environment most similar to the actual exam? This handy list can help you select your next test location.

    Your LSAT Practice Test: Make It Messy: Even if you can't find the perfect location, that might not be such a bad thing. An imperfect environment can help prepare you for the real exam.

    Guessing Strategy: If you can't finish all of the questions (and most people can't), make sure to guess on the ones you do not get to. This table gives you the most up-to-date guessing info available.


    Time Your LSAT

    The PowerScore Virtual LSAT Proctor: Use the Proctor to help time your test and re-create actual test conditions!


    Score Your Practice Test

    The PowerScore Self-Study Site: This site allows you to input your practice test answers and then receive a free evaluation of your performance on a test-by-test basis. Need to get better at Conditional Reasoning? This site will let you know. Need to spend less time on Global questions on LG? Find out here.


    How To Analyze Your Results

    The Best Way To Review LSAT Practice Tests: Once you've completed the exam, your work has only just begun. This article explains how to get the most out of your question review and provides you with different methods of question review

    How To Review LSAT Problem Sets: This article adds a wrinkle to the prior post, and helps you evaluate your confidence level on each problem.

    How To Best Review LSAT Practice Questions (If You Are Lazy): Want to make your review even easier? This blog takes the prior post and simplifies it further.

    The PowerScore LSAT Discussion Forum: Need helping figuring out a thorny problem or to understand why you keep missing a certain type of problem? Visit our free Forum and get help from a PowerScore LSAT expert!

    Good News! You Just Bombed Your LSAT Practice Test: So, is it the end of the world if you don't do well on your practice test? No, and here's why.

    How Practice LSATs Can Help You Decide to Keep or Cancel Your LSAT Score: Taking these tests isn't just to see how you score; they can also help you determine how well you did on the real thing. Use the method in this article on each practice test to get better at predicting how you did on test day.

    The Ultimate LSAT Scoring Guide: Should You Keep or Cancel?: The ultimate question after the LSAT is whether to keep or cancel your score. This comprehensive guide walks you through how to make that determination.

    In your studies, try to take as many practice exams as possible. Each one is a dry run for the real thing, and the more times you put yourself through the process, the better prepared you will be on the actual day of the LSAT. Don't take just one or two tests—try to take ten or twenty if you can. 

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