LSAT instead of the GMAT when applying to business school?

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    lawschoolacceptance-300x203.jpgUsing a GRE score for application to MBA programs (in place of a GMAT score) has become standard practice in recent years as ETS (the makers of the GRE) has aggressively marketed the GRE as a substitute for the GMAT. That's great for GRE takers, but is there a way to use an LSAT score to get into business school, and thus skip taking the GMAT entirely? It turns out that there is--but, there is also a condition in place on using that LSAT score, so let's talk a bit more about the process.

    Because the LSAT and GMAT are very different exams, and typically used for very different purposes, the LSAT is not normally accepted as an entrance exam for business schools. In particular, the LSAT does not measure quantitative ability, which is important in biz school, and thus business schools typically will not accept an LSAT score for admissions purposes. Unless, that is, you happen to be applying for a joint degree, and thus applying to both the law school and business school at the same university. For example, applicants to certain dual degree programs, such as the JD/MBA at NYU, the JD/MBA at Minnesota, and the JD/MBA at American, can submit just an LSAT score and thereby bypass taking the GMAT.

    Why would someone want to do that? Well, the first reason is that it saves time. By taking just the LSAT, you don't spend any time at all time preparing for the GMAT. That also saves money, because GMAT prep books and courses are not cheap, and the test itself is somewhat epxensive. And finally--and most importantly to some people--if you don't like math, taking the GMAT can be very challenging whereas the LSAT features no math at all.

    So, if you are applying for a dual degree, keep in mind that you may not have to take the GMAT at all. Do you know of other JD/MBA degree programs that accept just the LSAT? Please let us know in the comments!