How to Craft a Killer Law School Application

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    It's application season, and we're getting a lot of questions about choosing target schools, letters of recommendations, optional essays, and more. We figured it was a perfect time to share our very popular law school admissions guide "Creating A Killer Law School Application" with those of you who haven't had a chance to check it out. This guide is a collaborative effort with some of the top law school admissions consultants in the country, including Admissions Dean, Law School Expert, Anna Ivey Consulting, InGenius Prep, Admit Advantage, Prelaw Guru,, Pen and Chisel, and Spivey Consulting Group.


    All of the contributors came together with one likeminded goal; to help your law school application stand out from the rest of the competition. We all understand that everyone has a unique story to portray and we're here to help maximize every possible detail on your application so that your story is irrefusible. We know that not everyone has a flawless academic, professional, and personal track record. Rather than letting these flaws scare you away from applying to certain schools, our contributors will teach you how to be proactive and overcome any speed bumps that could deter your candidacy for admission.

    Topics covered in the guide include:

    • Choosing Your Target Law Schools
    • Top 15 Law School Letters of Recommendation Tips
    • Extra-Curriculars: What Matters and Why
    • When Should You Write the Optional Essay?
    • The Wait List: What it Means and How to Get Admitted Off of It

    ..and much, much more!

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