One Month Until the LSAT: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Jon Denning on

You're less than four weeks from the next official LSAT administration.

That's right, you're into your final month! 

Don't panic! I'm not here to freak you out. On the contrary, I'm here to help.

The next month is all about improving your LSAT score, bolstering your confidence, and instilling a positive mentality. If you are a student currently enrolled in a PowerScore course, congratulations: the course itself (and your instructor(s), of course) will give you all of the structure and guidance you need to make the most of your time! For non-students, however, the path may be a little less clear, and you are my intended audience for this post. 

Below you'll find a list of resources, links, and general suggestions, all designed to help you make the most of these last few weeks and finish--or, dare I say it, even start--strong! 

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December 2017 LSAT Reading Comprehension Recap

Posted by Eric Ockert on

"Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."

Last Thursday, December 21, LSAC shocked the world with a dramatically early tweet indicating scores for the December LSAT would be released later that day, almost two full weeks before the official date of January 3rd. Over the next fifty minutes or so, news of the imminent score release spread like wildfire amongst December test takers. But then, just about one hour later, as hearts were stopping across the world, a correction. In fact, scores would not be released on Thursday, but rather on Friday, December 22. For many, this early release was a welcome surprise. However, the manner in which the announcement and ultimate score release played out was jolting to say the least.

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December 2017 LSAT Logical Reasoning Recap

Posted by Jonathan Evans on

Head to Head

Last Friday, while many may have been dreaming of sugar-plums, LSAC was busy releasing December LSAT scores. We have the latest LSAT test and are pleased to present the first installment of our complete test recap. In this article, we shall break down the Logical Reasoning (LR) sections, point out their salient features, and compare them to other recent LR sections and LSAT norms. 

What were the most notable features of the December LR sections?

  • Increasing frequency of Point at Issue questions, a 50% increase from September and 200% increase from June.
  • Another circular reasoning (begging the question) flaw question. This uncommon fallacy has appeared on two LSATs in a row.
  • Rough parity between categorical/conditional reasoning and causal reasoning, with causal reasoning remaining marginally more important.
  • Few Weaken questions, a return to normal after a spike in September.
  • No Main Point questions.
Read below for further discussion and statistics about the questions.
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What Does it Mean to "Go Grey" on LSAT Score Release Day?

Posted by Jon Denning on

One of the most common talking points you'll hear leading up to an LSAT score releaseand incessantly on the day scores become availableis the notion of "going grey." In fact a hysterical flurry of "I'M  GREY!!" announcements on twitter and elsewhere is one of the most reliable predictors that scores are imminent.

So what's all this grey business about, and how can you determine your own color status?

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The PowerScore 2018 LSAT Bibles: Changes and Updates

Posted by Dave Killoran on

Each year I make revisions and updates to the LSAT Bibles, and there are several different reasons for that. First, at least three new LSATs are released each year, and I like to make changes to some of the content to account for new directions taken by the test makers. Second, I talk with many different LSAT students and also teach various sessions throughout the year, and the feedback I receive helps me shape and improve parts of each book. And, finally, as I discussed last year, the books have changed so much over time that providing new versions each year helps students know they are getting the most up-to-date versions possible.

Because of this, one of the most common questions we receive is: what has changed, and do I need to get the newest editions? So that's what I'll be talking about in this post.

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PowerScore LSAT Forum Post of the Day: LSAT Attempt Limit Policy Change

Posted by PowerScore Test Preparation on

With the news of LSAC now allowing students to take the LSAT as many times as they want, rather than a limited amount within a two year time span, we have received questions about how this will alter how a student should approach his or her preparation. PowerScore LSAT Bible author Dave Killoran provided some advice to a student on our LSAT Forum on what this will mean moving forward.

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When Will December 2017 LSAT Scores Be Released? Our Prediction!

Posted by Jon Denning on

December 2017 LSAT takers have one burning question in mind: When exactly will my score be released?

Per LSAC, December 2017 LSAT scores are slated to be released on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018. However, past LSAC score-release trends indicate that scores are almost always released earlier than the official date (except when weather conditions have interfered with the original test dates, as was the case with the February 2013 LSAT). So, even though you still have to wait to get your score, you probably won't have to wait until the score-release date designated by the test makers. 

So when will you have it?

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Post-December LSAT Resources

Posted by PowerScore Test Preparation on

We hope that everyone was able to get through the LSAT and leave the test feeling confident today! We know that your brain is probably feeling pretty fried, but we wanted to let you know about a few post-test resources that you can take advantage of. Sometimes there can be a degree of uncertainty following the test, so check out the following links to help you feel more at ease with your performance today:

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