Yale Law School To Accept GRE Scores

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    Yale Law School is now accepting the GRE!

    A full year after rival Harvard's decision to accept GRE scores in lieu of the LSAT, Yale Law School (https://law.yale.edu/) announced on Friday that it too would begin implementing the use of GRE scores in the law school admission process effective immediately. "Enough is enough. We’ve waited over 12 months for those guys to come to their senses, but it’s obvious that Harvard sees the GRE as its way of finally beating us in the all-important law school rankings," said Yale spokesperson N. Feriority. "We've been #1 so long that it would be a crippling blow to our self-esteem if we somehow dropped behind Harvard or Stanford. So guess what? It’s GRE time for us, too."

    On the other side of the country, perennial top 3 law school Stanford indicated they were heading in a different direction. "We've heard the news about Harvard and Yale accepting GRE scores, but we don't care. With California recently legalizing marijuana, we've actually discovered we don't care much about anything," coughed Tommy Chong, Stanford's new Director of Admissions, from behind a cloud of smoke.

    The resulting changes left the "CCN" trio of Chicago, Columbia, and NYU optimistic of breaking into the top 3 in the near future. NYU Dean Maya Sitches revealed that she was willing to sell her soul (again) for the chance of moving into the top 3. "We'll do whatever it takes to move up in the rankings," she said.  "And I mean anything. Two years ago we let the son of the US News editor's secretary's brother into NYU with a 141 LSAT score, and I know his daughter is applying this year. She's still in jail but that won't stop us from accepting her!"

    In other news, Happy April Fool's Day!


    The Yale Law School Shield is © Yale University, all rights reserved. The Shield is used here under Fair Use provisions as part of a parody. All names and titles are fictitious. On a more serious note, you should read the story of Yale's shieldit's fascinating! Finally, while Yale Law does not currently rely on the use of GRE scores in their admissions process, we bet they will sometime in the next few years!