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    The LSAT—India is the test designed by LSAC, specifically for use by law schools in India. The next test will be administered on May 19th, in 15 cities across India. As discussed previously, the test is strikingly similar to the American version with regard to content: each test has four scored sections, and just like the US version, these include one Logic Games section, one Reading Comprehension section, and two Logical Reasoning sections.

    Introduced just several years ago, the LSAT-India has begun to take hold among Indian law schools. This year 65 law schools in India will use the LSAT-India for admissions purposes, and the number of test takers will be around 4,000. While that total is still small in comparison to the number of LSAT takers in the US and Canada (where it is solidly over 100,000 test takers annually), for a new standardized test is is a promising start. 

    Four free practice LSAT-India tests can be accessed here, and these LSATs can provide valuable practice for test takers in the US as well, although you might note that the first test available is the June 2007 PrepTest, slightly re-ordered (in this sense, it's like a bizarro world LSAT; the changes they made are interesting, to say the least). LSAT—India’s PrepTest No. 2 is the actual test administered there in 2009, No. 3 is the actual test administered in 2010, and the fourth PrepTest is the one given in 2012.

    There are some interesting distinctions between the LSAT—India and the American version: test takers in India don’t have to sit through a fifth experimental section, nor is there a writing sample to contend with. Interestingly, select sections of two of the tests provided (PrepTest No. 1 and PrepTest No. 2) include only four answer choices with each question. Although there are a few differences between the LSAT—India and the American version of the test, the PrepTests, although not perfect analogs, provide a good bit of free, additional LSAT practice.

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    Photo: "The India Gate, New Delhi" Courtesy of Larry Johnson