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    The Ultimate Battle: Batman vs SupermanThe title's weird, I know. Let me explain.

    There's a highly-anticipated movie coming out in March 2016 that you may have heard about called "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," featuring, as the name suggests, a showdown between two of DC Comics' most legendary heroes: the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. Now don't worry (or perhaps get your hopes up) I'm not going to launch into a deep analysis of Zack Snyder's upcoming flick. Frankly, that's neither my area of interest or expertise; I'd be hopelessly out of my element at Comic-Con.

    Instead, the barrage of early online advertising got me thinking about the epic battle that's sure to occur as Batman and Superman square off, and, were such a confrontation to take place in real life, who would win.* More importantly for our purposes here, it also struck me as exceptionally similar to your upcoming fight, where you're going to war with LSAC, the group that creates the LSAT.

    So what do we know about these two icons of comic lore? Superman, born Kal-El and undercover on Earth as mild-mannered Clark Kent, is an alien powered by the nuclear broilings of our sun, imbued with supersonic flight, lightning-quick reflexes, superhuman senses, x-ray AND heat vision, arctic breath, and physical strength and endurance beyond measure. Batman, the orphaned and angry-about-it Bruce Wayne, is a middle-aged vigilante with a fancy-belted suit, a modicum of martial arts training, and a billionaire's man-cave full of monochromatic toys.

    Most people recognize right away the obviously imbalanced power dynamic between the on-screen rivals, with poor Bruce woefully out of his depth, and that apparent one-sidedness applies to your situation as well.

    LSAC is clearly our Superman, an intimidating, seemingly-invulnerable adversary with powers galore (and, for now, lacking the heroic qualities that have so endeared him to fans for decades). And you? Batman. An ordinary guy with an extraordinary foe.

    In what world then could Bruce-you stand a chance against a titan like Super-LSAC? How can such a lopsided fight go the underdog's way? The answer is that LSAC, like Superman, has weaknesses that an enterprising and industrious you, like the formidable Bat, can exploit.

    For Superman, he's limited by two well-known factors: his unwavering "code" to never take a life, and a radioactive material from his home planet of Krypton called kryptonite. The first is a limitation on which an opportunistic enemy can capitalize, while the second is quite literally a weapon that, when employed, reduces the Man of Steel to a whimpering mess.

    And here's my point: LSAC is similarly vulnerable! They too have a code, and you have a weapon. LSAC's code is that they must keep the test the same, always, without exception, and as I've explained previously that consistency leads to an extraordinary amount of predictability. When the test makers repeat themselves it means recognizable patterns emerge, patterns that leave the LSAT open to defeat. So Step 1 in this fight is learning how the LSAT is constructed and what you're certain to face on test day.

    Step 2 is attack! But how exactly do you wage war on something as intangible as "recognizable patterns"? You come with kryptonite in the form of a strategy arsenal, specifically developed to accurately and efficiently react to every instance of predictability you face. Like Batman, who's notorious for being perfectly, sometimes amusingly, outfitted for any situation he could encounter (usually in the form of some gadget or gizmo handily stored away in his utility belt), you too can equip yourself with a powerful toolkit so that when opportunities arise you're fully able to seize the moment and prevail. If you know what you're up against, and develop skills to overcome every obstacle, then you become a force to be reckoned with. These skills can be learned, and are absolutely devastating when applied.

    Let Bruce Wayne's dedication and ingenuity be a lesson to you: no matter the opponent, whether LSAC or a god-like alien, with an understanding of your foe's weaknesses, and the right weapons in your belt to combat them, mere mortals can accomplish the unthinkable. Fight hard, and fight smart, and even you can beat Superman.


    Questions? Comments? Die-hard opinions on fictional characters? Let us know below!


    *Notice I didn't say, "and, when the dust settles from their big on-screen brawl, who'll be left standing," and follow it with my predictions for the movie, which will obviously (SPOILER ALERT) end with the two reaching a truce and becoming allies. This post is written about a fight where there's not a franchise to consider.


    Photo "HDR Batman Vs. Superman" courtesy of Jordan Lackey.

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