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According to many recent student reports, some of the most challenging GRE Quant problems have involved Data Interpretation. Essentially, now that the GRE permits use of an on-screen calculation, ETS is designing some questions to require effective, fast calculator use to determine the correct answers in the time allotted. Much existing GRE preparation material (either released by ETS or designed by third parties) has not entirely caught up with this new norm. In fact, having worked with the GRE extensively before the latest redesign, I had to force myself to use the calculator since I was accustomed to doing arithmetic in my head or by hand. Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about the importance of the ten-key numeric keypad for quick data entry. Now I'd like to follow that up with a four question set to challenge you to use your on-screen calculator and data interpretation skills effectively. Read below to see the problems, and please join us on our free PowerScore GRE Forums to submit your answers and join in the discussion!

Hunting and Fishing.png HF problem 12.pngHF problem 22.pngHF problem 32.pngHF problem 42.png

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