Foods That Help Feed Your Brain for the SAT and ACT

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It’s not just an apple a day that will keep the doctor away—these days, modern medicine has found hundreds of other foods that can keep you healthy and improve your brain functions. If you’re wondering what to eat (or not to eat) before your test or you’re just desperate for anything that will help you focus, here are just a few of our favorite examples.

  • Be wary of coffee and any type of juice. Your mom may have constantly reminded you to drink your juice on the morning of a big
    test, but it’s actually not good to drink a big glass of sugary juice if you’re planning on focusing for a long time since the energizing effects of a sugar buzz are short term. The same goes for coffee: it’s easy to go from a little energy boost to a brain frenzy—and when it’s all done, you’re just left feeling drowsy. That being said, coffee and juices are both good for you in moderation and with no added sweeteners. That means no double whip caramel lattes!
  • For all of you sugar lovers out there, not all hope is lost—having a bite or two of chocolate, either dark or milk, can help your memory and concentration. Just don’t overdo it! 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. It’s a well circulated fact that chowing down
    on your Wheaties can boost your performance throughout the day. However, eating your Wheaties, then your bacon and sausage, then your eggs with cheese, and finally your side of hash browns can slow down your mental capacity and leave you struggling to concentrate. Keep it salubrious by having an egg or two with whole grain toast, or some hot oatmeal with chopped apples. Healthy foods, in moderation, will maximize brain functions. 
  • Mixed nuts have great protein, vitamin, and antioxidant levels, which means they fill you up and boost your energy levels, and they also do great things for your body. Almonds, for example, have the ability to enhance your mood. 
  • Order some guacamole next time you’re at your favorite Mexican restaurant or add some avocado to your sandwich at lunch. Avocados have been proven to help blood flow—which in turn helps the brain function properly. 
  • Fish, especially salmon, has been proven to increase memory functions and can help prevent diseases associated with memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s. Tuna has great long-term effects as well; eating a tuna filet at lunch, for example, can help keep you focused for the rest of the day. Pair it with some green beans or broccoli for an extra brainy boost. 
  • Blueberries often top the “foods that make you smarter” list. Blueberries have received tons of praise for their ability to help memory, slow the aging process and improve motor skills. To top it off, blueberries are low in sugar so diabetics can enjoy them as well. If you aren’t a fan of blueberries, give pomegranates a try! They can offset stress and are full of antioxidants!