Which Top 50 Law Schools Accept the June LSAT?

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    Top 50 Law Schools that accept June LSAT scores

    In the last few years, there has been a seismic shift in application deadline dates, which greatly benefits current applicants. A decade ago, only a few schools accepted the results of the February LSAT for fall admission later that year, and many application deadlines were in January (if not December). Fast forward to today, and the situation is much changed! Almost every school now accepts the results of the February LSAT, and, as the table below shows, a significant number of schools in the Top 50 now accept the results of the June LSAT (and many more outside the Top 50 accept June results). In other words, if you are reading this today and have yet to take the LSAT or apply to law school, you could still apply now to a number of schools and attend this fall. Previously, that was unthinkable.

    In recent years, the June LSAT has become very useful for law schools applicants attending law school that same year. As I explained in a post from last March called The June LSAT and the Law School Wait List, the results of the June LSAT can be used to help improve your admission chances if you are on the Wait List and to strengthen your position when negotiating a financial aid package. Now, with application deadlines moving later and later, in some cases the June LSAT can be used a direct pathway to admission this year. These days, the February LSAT is the new December LSAT (every school accepts it), and the June LSAT is the new February LSAT (many but not all schools accept it). Equally important, schools at every level accept the June LSAT. There  are schools in the Top 25, Top 50 , Top 100, etc.

    One important note: when we say "accept the June LSAT," we mean that the school would use that as the first and only LSAT you've taken. Most schools will consider June results if you already have a prior LSAT score, but we wanted to look at schools that would consider applicants who had no other LSAT score aside from one taken in June of that year.

    In our table, the following categories are used:

    Rank: The rank for each school was drawn from the US News & World Report Best Law Schools rankings.  Schools are listed in numerical order.

    School Name: This one is obviousthis column identifies the name of the school! If a school is ranked in the USNews Top 50 but is not listed below (such as Yale, Harvard, and Stanford, among others), it means that the school does not accept the results of the June LSAT for admission that fall.

    Hard Application Deadline: A hard deadline is the date after which the school will not consider or review newly received applications. Having said that, a number schools mentioned that the number of unfilled spaces affected how they viewed their "hard" dateif they still had spaces available in their classes, they might accept applications after the deadline. In these cases, the law schools uniformly stated that the chances of admission were lowered (though this was said to be unlikely, this certainly makes the deadline far less "hard"). 

    Soft/Priority Application Deadline: Law schools that have a “soft” or “priority” deadline will guarantee full consideration for all applications received by that date. These early applicants are sometimes notified of an admissions decision by a certain stated date, and they may be granted priority consideration for financial aid and scholarships. Applications will be still be accepted after this soft/priority deadline, as long as there is available space in the entering class.  

    Notes: To compile this list, we talked with the admissions office at each law school. In some cases, they had additional thoughts or considerations about the deadline or use of the June LSAT, and we added those thoughts in this column.

     Let's take a look at the list!

    Note: This article was updated 3/2/18. We contacted each of the top 50 schools and have updated the chart below. It's worth noting that only Georgetown, Washington University, University of Iowa, and  Arizona State said they would consider the July scores, but at that point you would likely be on a waitlist.  


    Top 50 Law Schools that Accept the June LSAT
    Rank School Name Hard Application Deadline Soft/Priority Application Deadline Notes
    4 University of Chicago 3/1/2018   Chances for acceptance are lowered if you only take the June LSAT, since the application will not be considered until the score is received.
    11 Duke University 2/15/2018 2/15/2018 They do not recommend the June LSAT but will accept it; the applicant will most likely be put on a wait list.
    12 Northwestern University 2/15/2018    
    13 Cornell University 2/1/2018    
    14 Georgetown University   3/1/2018 If waiting for a score, submit app and it will sit in the queue, then automatically update when scores are released.
    18 Washington University in St. Louis     Due to rolling admissions, it is possible that class will be full by the time the June LSAT scores come out.
    20 University of Iowa 5/1/2018   They caution that the class will possibly be full by the time the June results are released.
    22 University of Minnesota 7/15/2018    
    22 University of Notre Dame 3/15/2018   They accept June scores if the student is waitlisted.
    25 Indiana University, Bloomington     They accept June scores but strongly encourage students to apply early.
    25 Arizona State University 3/1/2018   They'll accept the June exam if spaces are still open, which is unlikely.
    25 George Washington University 3/1/2018   Waitlist process begins in April.
    28 University of Alabama      
    28 University of California, Irvine 3/1/2018    
    30 Boston College 3/31/2018    
    33 University of Georgia 6/15/2018 2/1/2018  
    38 University of North Carolina 8/1/2018 3/1/2018  
    40 Washington and Lee University   3/1/2018 Will take July LSAT into consideration as well.
    40 University of Illinios Urbana-Champaign   3/15/2018  
    40 University of Arizona 7/9/2018    
    45 University of Utah 3/10/2018 2/15/2018 Will continue to accept apps as long as spots are open. Chances of scholarships are very low for late apps.
    45 George Mason University 4/1/2018   Deadline was extended last year to Aug. 1st, and the June LSAT was accepted. They won't decide whether to do that this year until after April 1.
    46 Brigham Young University 6/30/2018 3/1/2018  
    48 University of Florida   3/15/2018 Will continue to accept applications as long as spots are open.
    48 University of Maryland   4/1/2018  
    50 Touro Law School   5/1/2018  
    50 University of Houston   2/15/2018 Any application received after the regular decision deadline will be considered at the end of the process on a space-available basis.
    50 Florida State University 6/30/2018 3/15/2018  
    50 Tulane University   4/1/2018  


    One important note is that many schools told us they would accept applications until they filled the class. And, that because of rolling admissions, the chances of acceptance decreased as time passed. So, while still accepted June LSAT scores, some schools wanted to make clear that the chances of admission were likely lower (but that said, if you show up in late July with a 4.0 and a 180, you are getting in at most schools!).

    If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to post them below!