Taking the LSAT in Ecuador

    LSAT International Locations

    Taking the LSAT in EcuadorThe LSAT is taken by students hoping to attend law schools throughout the US and Canada, but the test is administered across the globe as the LSAT continues to spread internationally. (Check out this blog post we wrote a few years back about the LSAT moving abroad.) 

    In Ecuador, the test is offered in only one location (Fulbright Commission, in Quito), and only for the December test administration. 

    A complete list of LSAT dates and deadlines can be found here.  

    For the most current information about taking the LSAT in Ecuador, or if you have any questions, refer to LSAC for more information.  Students can register online through their LSAC.org account or by calling LSAC at 215.968.1001. 

    Also worth noting is that all international LSAT administrations are nondisclosed, meaning that students will only receive access to their LSAT score, score band, percentile rank, and writing sample. Students don't get a copy of the LSAT questions, answer sheet, the correct answers, or the score conversion sheet. 

    In Ecuador, the limited number of test takers makes for fewer on-the-ground LSAT preparation options. However, there are still many high-quality LSAT preparation options available to LSAT takers there, including PowerScore's Live Online LSAT coursesOn Demand LSAT coursesself-study using LSAT preparation books like the LSAT Bibles, and online LSAT tutoring.


    Photo by Bekki Cait