PowerScore's Crystal Ball Webinar: Predicting the November, January, and March LSATs!

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    Crystal Ball Webinar

    Curious to know which Logical Reasoning question types have been the most frequent, the most variable, and the most consistent on LSATs the last three years? Or what trends in Reading Comp you can expect the test makers to continue to emphasize?

    Did you realize that two crucial skills have served as the basis of 97% of all logic games in recent history, including those you're certain to see on your own exam?

    And are you ready for the Digital LSAT that's coming in July 2019?

    Well we're here to explain.

    On Monday, 11/5, Dave Killoran and I hosted a special, free online webinar where we analyzed recent LSAT trends and made predictions about what you're most likely to face on 2018's final LSAT in November, as well as the first two tests of 2019 in January and March. The goal was to help attendees recognize the concepts and skills that will serve as the basis of their score—to highlight precisely what's coming, from guarantees to dark-horse, outlier candidates—allowing for a clear ability to prioritize your efforts most appropriately in these final days and weeks.

    We also discussed how schools are treating each of these three tests from a rolling admissions standpoint, and the extremely unique nature of the test planned for next July, where via random lottery some attendees will take a digital exam while others will see the traditional paper-and-pencil format.


    I hope you find the video helpful, and if you have any questions or concerns please let us know below, or via email at lsat@powerscore.com!