PowerScore LSAT Forum Post of the Day: Conditionality vs Causality - Similarities and Differences

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    Did you know that conditional reasoning and causal reasoning can be found in over 30% of Logical Reasoning stimuli on the average LSAT? That's right; they're two of the most frequently tested, and most frequently misinterpreted, reasoning techniques on the test! In today's LSAT Forum Post of the Day, PowerScore Senior Developer Jon Denning advises a student on exactly how to differentiate between these two concepts, and outlines why it's so critical that both be well understood.

    Here's a quick preview. Make sure to check out the full thread to read the entire explanation Jon provided to this student:

    The Forum posts selected for this series are chosen because they have a universal quality to them. In other words, we’ve selected posts that contain information that can be used by test takers of any background and score level. So, although the specific question posed by the students may not be one you have, when our instructors answer they have gone beyond the specific question and brought in broader elements that you can use. Consequently, these posts, and the situations therein, are virtually guaranteed to resonate with you on some level. Make sure to register for the LSAT Forum for free today, and get your own LSAT and Admissions questions answered by a PowerScore expert.

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