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Law schools with late admissions deadlinesWe recently posted a list of law schools in the Top 50 that accept the June LSAT. A number of students wanted to also see the full list of all schools with late admissions deadlines ("late" in this case means a hard deadline of March 31st or later). Because we called every single law school on this list to confirm our data, this took a while to produce! But, we can now present you with a complete and accurate list of law schools with late 2018 admissions deadlines.

This post was updated 4/6/18. 

In our table, the following categories are used:

Rank: The rank for each school was drawn from the US News & World Report Best Law Schools 2018 rankings. Schools are listed in numerical order.

School Name: This one is obviousthis column identifies the name of the school! If a school is ranked in the USNews Top 50 but is not listed below (such as Yale, Harvard, and Stanford, among others), it means that the school does not accept the results of the June LSAT for admission that fall.

Hard Application Deadline: A hard deadline is the date after which the school will not consider or review newly received applications. Having said that, a number schools mentioned that the number of unfilled spaces affected how they viewed their "hard" dateif they still had spaces available in their classes, they might accept applications after the deadline. In these cases, the law schools uniformly stated that the chances of admission were lowered (though this was said to be unlikely, this certainly makes the deadline far less "hard"). 

Notes: To compile this list, we talked with the admissions office at each law school. In some cases, they had additional thoughts or considerations about the deadline or use of the June or July LSAT, and we added those thoughts in this column.

 Let's take a look at the list! If you have any questions or comments, please post below.

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Rank Law School Name Firm Application
Deadline for Fall
2018 start
(if exists)
Accept June LSAT
Scores as students'
first/only test?
4 University of Chicago    Yes They will accept July LSAT score if there are available spots. 
8 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor   No  
9 University of California--Berkeley       
9 University of Virginia   No  
14 Georgetown University   Yes Will accept June or July score but at that point, best outcome that you could hope for would be a spot on the waiting list
17 Vanderbilt University    No They prefer the electronic app in by April 1st
18 Washington University in St. Louis   Yes Will accept July scores. 
20 University of Minnesota July 15th Yes  
22 Boston University   No  
22 Emory University   No  
26 Washington and Lee University   Yes May also accept July scores. 
27 University of Iowa May 1st Yes Will accept July scores. 
27 University of Alabama   Yes  
27 Boston College 3/31/2018 Yes  
27 University of Wisconsin--Madison 4/1/2018 No Can appeal to admissions committee to get permission to take June test but app won't be reviewed at all until LSAT score is received.
32 Indiana University—Bloomington (Maurer)   Yes  
32 Ohio State University (Moritz) 3/31/2018 No Website says Applications due between September 15 and July 1 of the calendar year prior to the planned date of enrollment, with a preferred deadline of March 31. We were verbally told that 3/31 is a firm deadline.
32 University of Georgia 6/1/2018 Yes  
37 University of California--Davis 3/31/2018 No For the past 3 years they have extended deadline to June 30th and may do so again this year. Still will not accept June LSAT since app needs to be complete by June 30. Will hold for June if another LSAT score is on record. 
37 Fordham University 3/31/2018 No  
41 Brigham Young University (Clark) 6/30/2018 Yes  
41 University of Arizona (Rogers) 7/9/2018 Yes First school to accept GRE score.  If you take LSAT, they are not really going to consider GRE score.  
41 University of Florida (Levin)   Yes  
45 University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill 8/1/2018 Yes  
47 Florida State University 6/30/2018 Yes  
49 University of Maryland (Carey)   Yes  
50 Southern Methodist University   No  
50 Baylor University   Yes  
50 University of Richmond   Yes  
50 University of Connecticut 4/30/2018 No  
54 University of Utah (Quinney)   Yes  
54 Tulane University   Yes  
56 University of Houston   Yes Any application received after the regular decision deadline will be considered at the end of the process on a space-available basis.
56 Yeshiva University (Cardozo)   Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
58 University of California (Hastings)  3/31/2018 No  
59 Seton Hall University   Yes  
59 University of Nevada—Las Vegas   Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
59 Pennsylvania State University (Dickinson)   Yes  
63 University of Oklahoma   Yes  
63 University of Denver (Sturm)   Yes 2nd priority deadling is 6/1/18
65 Georgia State University       
65 University of Cincinnati   Yes One June LSAT taker admitted last year
65 University of Kentucky   No  
65 University of Miami 7/31/2018 Yes  
65 Loyola Marymount University      
65 University of Tennessee--Knoxville   Yes  
65 Villanova University 4/1/2018 No  
74 Loyola University Chicago 7/1/2018 Yes  
74 University of Pittsburgh   No  
74 Northeastern University   Yes  
74 Pennsylvania State University—University Park 3/31/2018 Yes  
74 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey   Yes  
80 University of Nebraska--Lincoln       
80 American University (Washington)   Yes June may be considered, but no guarantee
80 Texas A&M University 7/1/2018 Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
83 St. John's University   Yes  
83 Brooklyn Law School   Yes  
85 University of Oregon   Yes Will accept July scores but low chance of being admitted. 
85 Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-Kent)   Yes  
88 University of New Mexico   Yes  
88 Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge (Hebert) 6/1/2018 Yes Will accept July scores as long as application without the LSAT Score is complete by the June 1st deadline. Steeper competition waiting this long.
88 St. Louis University   Yes  
88 University of New Hampshire School of Law 7/15/2018 Yes  
88 Syracuse University 7/15/2018 Yes  
88 University of South Carolina   Yes  
88 Michigan State University   Yes Will accept June scores  but everything else should be in no later than 4/30/18
95 University of San Diego   Yes  
95 Lewis & Clark College (Northwestern)   Yes  
95 Marquette University   Yes Will accept July scores if space is available and scores come out in time. 
98 Wayne State University   Yes  
98 Indiana University—Indianapolis (McKinney)   Yes  
98 Stetson University 5/15/2018 Yes  
101 University of Tulsa 7/31/18 Yes They have rolling admissions, but encourage students to apply by 2/1 for early "action" deadline. 
101 University of Hawaii—Manoa (Richardson)   Yes  
101 Florida International University 7/1/2018 Yes  
101 University of Mississippi 3/15/18* maybe They are considering pushing deadline to April 6th.
101 Drexel University (Kline)   Yes  
106 SUNY Buffalo Law School   Yes  
106 University of Maine   Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
106 Albany Law School 6/1/2018 Yes  
110 The Catholic University of America - Columbus School of Law   Yes  
110 Hofstra University (Deane) 4/15/2018 Yes, but you have to make a special request by email for them to accept it  
110 New York Law School 7/1/2018 Yes Will accept applications any time if space is available. 
113 University of Louisville (Brandeis)   No  
113 Cleveland State University (Cleveland-Marshall) 5/1/2018 Yes  
113 University of St. Thomas 8/1/2018 Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
113 Texas Tech University 7/15/2018 Yes  
113 Santa Clara University   Yes  
113 Gonzaga University 4/15/2018 Yes We may accept applications after the deadline with special permission from the Admissions Committee.
119 University of Missouri   Yes accept the July exam, but good chance all spots are taken by then
119 Washburn University   Yes Will accept July LSAT if scores come in before classes begin, but it's a quick turnaround so classes could be filled
119 Duquesne University 5/1/2018 Yes  
119 University of Baltimore 8/1/2018 Yes  
119 University of Idaho   Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
119 University of Missouri—Kansas City   Yes  
119 University of Montana   Yes  
125 Creighton University 8/1/2018 Yes  
125 CUNY 7/15/2018 Yes  
125 Pace University   Yes  
128 DePaul University 4/1/2018 Yes  
128 Seattle University   Yes  
128 University of South Dakota      
133 Drake University 7/1/2018 Yes  
133 University of Wyoming 4/30/2018 Yes  
133 Quinnipiac University   Yes  
133 Vermont Law School      
137 University of Toledo 8/1/2018 Yes  
137 University of Memphis (Humphreys)   Yes  
139 Chapman University (Fowler)      
139 Belmont University 7/15/2018 Yes  
141 University of Dayton   Yes  
143 Widener University (Commonwealth) 5/15/2018 Yes Students may take the LSAT in June for fall consideration, but are still encouraged to apply before May 1, 2018
144 University of Akron   Yes  
144 Northern Illinois University   Yes  
144 Suffolk University 7/1/2018 Yes  
N/A Case Western Reserve University   Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
N/A William H. Bowen School of Law 4/15/2018 Yes  
RNP touro College (Fuchsberg)   Yes  
RNP Willamette University (Collins)   Yes Classes will have started by the time July scores are available
RNP Loyola University New Orleans      
RNP Campbell University 5/1/2018 No  
RNP Oklahoma City University 7/31/18 Yes  
RNP University of North Dakota 7/15/2018  no  
RNP University of the Pacific (McGeorge) 4/1/2018 no* Will accept June scores only under special circumstances approved by committee
RNP Appalachian School of Law   Yes Will accept applications until the week before school starts.
RNP Atlanta's John Marshall Law School   no   
RNP Ave Maria School of Law   Yes  
RNP Barry University   Yes  
RNP California Western School of Law 4/2/2018 No  
RNP Capital University   Yes  
RNP Charleston School of Law 6/1/2018 Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
RNP Elon University 7/15/2018 Yes Early decision candidates must submit their application by 12/15 and will be notified by 1/10 of the decision.
RNP Faulkner University (Jones) 6/1/2018 Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
RNP Florida A&M University 5/31/2018 Yes  
RNP Florida Coastal School of Law      
RNP Golden Gate University   Yes Will accept July scores if space is available. 
RNP The John Marshall Law School   Yes  
RNP Liberty University   Yes  
RNP Mississippi College   Yes  
RNP New England Law Boston 4/2/2018 Yes  
RNP North Carolina Central University 3/31/18* Yes Deadline may be extended.
RNP Northern Kentucky University (Chase)   Yes  
RNP Nova Southeastern University (Broad) 7/15/2018 Yes  
RNP Ohio Northern University (Pettit)   Yes Might accept July scores if space is available and scores are in time. 
RNP Regent University   Yes  
RNP Roger Williams University   Yes  
RNP Samford University (Cumberland)   Yes  
RNP Southern Illinois University—Carbondale   Yes  
RNP Southern University Law Center 3/31/18* Yes *has been extended once, and could be extended again
RNP South Texas College of Law 3/15/2018 Yes  
RNP Southwestern Law School 4/1/2015 Yes  
RNP St. Mary's University   Yes  
RNP St. Thomas University 5/1/18* Yes *will likely be extended to 7/1/18
RNP Texas Southern University (Marshall) 8/1/2018 Yes  
RNP Touro College (Fuchsberg)   Yes  
RNP University of Detroit Mercy 5/1/2018    
RNP University of San Francisco      
RNP Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School      
RNP Western New England University   Yes Take apps up until a week before school starts.
RNP Western State College of Law at Argosy University 7/1/2018 Yes  
RNP Widener University 5/15/2018 Yes
Will accept July LSAT scores provided LSAC is able to provide them in time for file review prior to the start of Orientation Program which is scheduled for August 14th this year.
RNP University of La Verne      
RNP University of Massachusetts—Dartmouth 6/30/2018 Yes  
Unranked Arizona Summit Law School      
Unranked Thomas Jefferson School of Law 7/15/2018 Yes  
Unranked Concordia University Through July* Yes *Must apply prior to June 2018 LSAT. Once scores are received by law school from June LSAT, they will make an admissions decision. If the score is not high enough, then will need to reapply next year.
Unranked Inter-American University 5/30/2018 Yes *Can submit application sans LSAT score, but must submit by 5/30.
Unranked Lincoln Memorial University 7/15/2018 Yes *If LSAT score and/or GPA is high enough, they'll make room for you. Classes start 8/1.
  Temple University (Beasley)   Yes  
Unranked Pepperdine University 4/1/2018 Yes  
RNP Mitchell Hamline School of Law 8/1/2018 Yes