Help! My LSAT test center was closed!

    If your December 2010 LSAT test center was closed due to inclement weather, don't worry--all is not lost. Here's what you need to do.

    1. Stay calm. Don't panic. This is something that LSAC is familiar with (it's happened numerous times in the past), and they won't leave you high and dry.
    2. Hold on to your admissions ticket. You'll still need it to take the test at a later date.
    3. Wait for an email from LSAC. They will contact you to advise that your test center is closed, and to let you know what the next steps are.
    4. Keep your schedule open. Don't make any plans for the next two to three weekends. Tests are typically rescheduled within 2 weeks after a weather-related cancellation.
    5. Don't worry about being a disadvantage from other candidates. Schools know that these things can happen, and they won't penalize you for having had to take the December LSAT later because of a weather cancellation. If you absolutely need confirmation of this, call the admissions office of the schools you are applying to; they'll tell  you the same thing.
    6. Don't let your brain lose the LSAT vibes. Keep on taking practice tests and go over your LSAT study material until your rescheduled test date.
    7. Don't get angry. Yes, this absolutely sucks, and it's obnoxious, annoying, and unfair. But getting angry won't make the test center open, it won't make it stop snowing, and it won't turn back time and let you take the test on your original date. Instead, focus on keeping your brain sharp and prepping for your rescheduled test date.

    Keep your chin up, cancelled students! Wait for an email from LSAC and stay calm.