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Number Lines and Number Properties

Check out the Question of the Week:

Number Line MC 1orMorerev.png

Attempt the question; then read the explanation below.

 Good Scratch Work is Essential


  • Start by Recording What You Know™, drawing a picture, and getting your answer choices set up. 
    • This step is absolutely essential with many GRE problems, especially the more difficult ones.
    • You need a chance to get your bearings. You may look at writing out the information as redundant or a waste of time, but it's not. Getting the information down gives you an opportunity to take note of what you have at your disposal to work with.
    • As you Record What You Know™ you will prepare yourself to solve the puzzle.
  • Make note of what A, B, C, D, and E roughly correspond to.
  • Next, check out the range of values for and s. 
  • Start playing around with different values. Let's look at the extremes. There are four possible products we can get from the extreme values:
    • -½ ∙ -1 = ½
    • -½ ∙ 2 = -1
    • -1 ∙ 2 = -2
    • 2 ∙ 2 = 4
  • So what's the span in the range of values? The product r ∙ can be anywhere between -2 and 4.
  • However, do the possible products include -2 and 4? No they do not! is less than (not less than or equal to) 2. That means could be anything right up to 2, but not 2 exactly. For instance, could be 1.9999999. This means that the product r ∙ could almost get to 4 but never exactly reach it.
  • By the same rules, r ∙ could almost get to -2 but will never actually be -2.
  • Therefore, the range of values for r ∙ are everything between -2 and 4.
  • -2 <  r ∙ s < 4
  • C and D are the correct answers.


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