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GRE Scores for Top Education Schools (Pictured: Official Seal of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University)

Education is a popular field of graduate study in the US. It's the number one discipline for doctoral degrees (MD and JD excluded) and a close second to Business for master's degrees. Hoping to get into a top program? A strong GRE Verbal score may help. Take a look at the Verbal scores for Education programs ranked in the top 25 from the latest U.S. News Best Grad Schools.

GRE Verbal Scores at the Top 25 Education Schools

US News ranks schools by general area of study as well by specialty. (Read 5 Fast Facts about the US News Grad School Rankings.) Here, the area of study is Education and the specialties include fields like Curriculum & Instruction and Administration & Supervision.

US News gives the average GRE Verbal score for doctoral students at each Education school. Among the top 25, the individual school averages range from 154 to 165, with an overall mean of 159. For comparison, the average Verbal score among test takers intending to study Education is 151, according to ETS.

GRE Verbal Scores for Top 25 Education Schools
159 154—165
Source: 2017 Best Education Schools, U.S. News & World Report, Top 25. Subscription required to view GRE scores.

Interestingly, the average for each specialty is lower than 159. A key reason is that, compared to the general rankings, the specialty rankings tend to feature fewer elite schools, like Stanford and Vanderbilt, where scores are highest.

GRE Verbal Scores for Top Education Schools by Specialty
Specialty and Total # of Schools RankedAverageRange
Curriculum & Instruction (23) 158 153—165
Educational Administration & Supervision (22) 157 152—165
Education Policy (20) 158 154—165
Educational Psychology (20) 157 153—164
Elementary Teacher Education (20) 157 153—164
Higher Education Administration (19) 158 151—165
Secondary Teacher Education (19) 157 153—164
Special Education (22) 156 152—164
Student Counseling & Personnel Services (14) 155 153—161
Technical & Vocational (4) 151 140—154
Source: 2017 Best Education Schools, U.S. News & World Report. Subscription required to view full rankings and GRE scores.

ETS publishes the average scores for intended majors in several of the most popular Education specialties. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the averages from ETS and the ones from US News.

Average GRE Verbal Scores for Graduate Education Specialties:
Students at Top Schools vs. Test Takers Intending to Major
SpecialtyStudents at Top SchoolsTest Takers
Curriculum & Instruction 158 151
Educational Administration & Supervision 157 149
Elementary Teacher Education 157 150
Higher Education Administration 158 152
Secondary Teacher Education 157 154
Special Education 156 149
Student Counseling & Personnel Services 155 149
Source of "Test Takers" data: General Test Percentage Distribution of Scores Within Intended Broad Graduate Major Field.

Overall, students who get into a top-ranked Education program tend to earn GRE Verbal scores in the mid- to high-150s. That's as high as 9 points above average for certain specialties, especially ones offered at elite schools. So if you're aiming high, make sure you study hard!

Image: Official Seal of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University