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When will February 2012 LSAT scores be available?

UPDATE 3:38pm EST 3/6/12 - Sources are telling us that icons have turned gray on the LSAC website. Looks like LSAT scores are forthcoming! Good luck everyone!

UPDATE 4:34pm EST 3/6/12 - Judging by the hubbub on Twitter, it is safe to say that February LSAT score are officially out. Good luck to everyone, and let us know how you did!


So, you studied for months on end, you know every logic game question type, and you can diagram passages in your sleep. You took countless practice tests, and read endless pages of strategy. Then, finally, you sat and took a real, official LSAT. Now comes the hard part: Waiting for that fateful three-digit number.

When will your February 2012 LSAT score be released?

As per LSAC, February 2012 LSAT scores will be released on Wednesady, March 7, 2012. However, LSAC score-release trends indicate that scores will likely start going out earlier than that. So, even though you still have to wait 3-4 weeks to get your scores, you may not have to wait until the score-release date designated by LSAC. We think that February 2012 LSAT scores will come out on Monday, March 5, 2012.

A few things to remember:
  1. Even though trends indicate that scores have traditionally been released before "score release" date stated by LSAC, there's no guarantee they'll do it again. All signs point to yes, but don't expect that you'll get yours earlier.
  2. Scores are released in batches over hours and days. So, your friend might get their score hours or even days before you do. Don't panic; you'll still get it. You might just be in a later batch.
  3. Scores are not released in any sort of order (geographically, by test score, alphabetically by last or first name, etc.).
  4. If you have an online account, you will get your score via email/online by the score release date. If you registered via snail-mail and/or do not have an account, you will get your scores mailed to you, which can take 5-7 business days.
  5. LSAC cannot tell you your score over the phone, no matter how much you beg. Calling and asking for it won't yield results.

Good luck to all!

Want to know more about your LSAT score? Check out the About Your LSAT Score page.


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