The Increasingly Versatile GRE

Posted by Jonathan Evans on

In September, I spoke at an LSAT clinic at a North Texas law school. Before my presentation, the Dean of Admissions addressed the attendees and spoke about her own experience with the LSAT and her desire to emphasize the importance of well-rounded students. She downplayed the significance of the LSAT, suggesting that while an excellent LSAT score is important, a low score should not prevent otherwise qualified candidates from applying.

Truth be told, the LSAT is the gold standard in law school admissions, and a high LSAT score correlates with good performance in law school. Law schools are also invested in ensuring that their students have high average LSAT scores because, along with high average undergraduate GPAs, these averages are an important factor in determining law school rankings.

Therefore if you are an applicant considering only law school, I wholeheartedly recommend that you focus your attention exclusively on preparing for the LSAT. However, if you are a student who is considering other options, including grad school, business school, or a dual degree program, the GRE may be worth your consideration as well.  

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