ACT and SAT Test Dates for 2018

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By January, mostHand drawn arrow design doodle icon on front of business man feet as concept.jpeg Seniors have completed their ACT and SAT journeys and those of us in test prep start to see a new crop of prospective test takers: astute Juniors who know that the first recommended test window is spring of their third year of high school.

Welcome, you astute Junior you! And welcome to your resourceful parents!

To help you with the first step in this adventure, we've compiled the 2018 test dates for both the ACT and the SAT.

Even if you aren't planning on taking a test until late spring, you should set a target test date now so that you can create a study schedule or plan for a prep course. Choose a test administration this winter or spring for your first attempt, but do so with the understanding that you may need or want to take the test a second time (and even a third time) in late summer or fall.

2018 ACT Test Dates

  • February 10*
  • April 14
  • June 9
  • July 14*
  • September 8
  • October 27
  • December 8

*The February and July test dates are not available in the state of New York.


2018 SAT Test Dates

  • March 10
  • May 5
  • June 2
  • August 25**
  • October 6**
  • November 3**
  • December 1**

**Note that these summer and fall dates are "anticipated" and subject to change.

State-wide and district-wide testing dates are not listed. If your state or your high school contracts the ACT or SAT to be administered during a school day, those testing dates are specific to your school or state and can be obtained through your school's counseling department. The dates listed here are national test dates from which students can choose to take the test independent of their high school. If you are in a school that has mandated ACT or SAT testing for every student, you must take the test on that date, but you may also take the test independently on one of the nationwide dates listed here.

For more information about choosing a test date, check out our article here. If you have questions about the ACT or SAT, you can browse our Free ACT Help Area and our Free SAT Help Area, or feel free to email me directly at I am happy to help!


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