Ghosts, Ghouls, the SAT, and other Scary Monsters

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In honor of this Saturday's events and next Saturday's SAT, here are some SAT Writing practice questions about Halloween. Boo!

 Have a safe and scary Halloween! Answers are below.

 Photo: "Cozy Coffin Motel" courtesy of Kevin Dooley





1. (E) This is a misplaced modifier. The original sentence states that "all of the children" were "dressed as a petrified mummy." Since Mrs. Petty is the person dressed as a mummy, her name must appear as a noun right after the introductory adjective clause.

2. (C) This sentence contains an idiom error and a parallel structure error. The correct idiom is "at once X and Y," not "at once X but Y." Choice (C) makes this correction and makes sure that the phrases on either side of the conjunction "and" are parallel.

3. (B) Since "guests" is plural, the pronouns "his or her" do not agree. They should be replaced with "their."

4. (A) "The number" is the singular antecedent for "have," which should be changed to "has."

5. (C) The correct idiom is "between X and Y," not "between X or Y."