Coming to a Test Center Near You: The Next ACT

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Last week we looked at Changesthe changes coming to the SAT, which most people have heard about either on the news or through the guidance office at school. But did you know the ACT is being redesigned, too? It is not changing as drastically as the SAT, but you should be aware of the alterations so you can make an informed decision about which version you want to tackle.


  • The new ACT will debut in the spring of 2015.
  • Students will have a choice of taking the test on paper or on the computer.
  • An expanded score report will include a Career Readiness Indicator, Text Complexity Progress Indicator, and essay subscores.
  • The Essay will be changing slightly to provide more direction to the students. Details surrounding this update have been very vague.
  • In the Math Test, there will be an additional question about probability and statistics.
  • For the Reading Test, there will now be a set of paired passages. This paired passage set will resemble the paired passages on the current SAT.

Other than the addition of the paired passage set, we do not think these changes will affect students all that much. Many SAT students find the paired passage set the easiest reading set on the test, and we suspect future ACT students will feel the same way. Students who want to get a headstart on studying these paired passages can use official SAT tests, which you can find in our Free Help Area.

As for taking the test on paper or on the computer, we highly recommend that students select the paper version of the test. The test booklet allows you to easily eliminate answers with a stroke of your pencil and you can fill in existing geometric figures with information. Students taking the test on the computer cannot visually eliminate answers and have to redraw any math figure to which they want to add information.

For more information on the changes to the ACT, visit their website.