College Admissions: Amnesty for students who participate in walk out

College Admissions

One of my sonsHand with marker writing We Believe in Making a Difference.jpeg had an appointment with his pediatrician this week, and she was telling me about wanting to incorporate essential oils into her practice. She's received a lot of push back from parents and medical peers, but has noticed how open-minded and tolerant the post-millennial generation is to new ideas and to each other. It's given her a lot of hope for the future of our nation. I found the conversation very relevant to what we are seeing today in discussions about school safety and gun control, and as history has proven, it often takes a group of determined, passionate young adults to bring about change in society.

What an amazing time to be a teenager. I know that it is also a fearful time, but I see great change coming because of you. I don't think older generations said that about GenXers (we were pretty lazy and cynical teenagers, although I like to think we are hard working and cynical adults now), and I know I've never heard anyone say that about Millennials (sorry, you GenYers), but there is a buzz about the youngest generation among adults right now. We're all talking about today's teenagers, and hoping that you can bring change that we have not been able to achieve.

And to that end, many colleges are issuing statements saying they will not hold disciplinary actions against students who protest peacefully. Detentions and suspensions issued to students who participant in the National School Walkout will not affect students' admissions to these universities. That doesn't mean that you can engage in violent protest nor that ALL colleges are granting amnesty, and if you are considering participating on March 14th, it would be wise to research your potential university's position on the issue. But given the liberal climate at many universities, most high school students can stand up for their beliefs without facing repercussions at the college level.

No matter where you stand, I admire you for your passion and am excited for your potential. Be safe, be kind, and be loud. The world is watching--and listening.


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