When will June 2014 ACT scores become available?

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So, you studied for months on end, you did endless math problems, memorized numerous formulas, and read passage after passage of dull non-fiction. You took countless practice tests. Then, finally, you went and took a real, official ACT. Now comes the hard part: Waiting for that fateful number.

When will your June 2014 ACT scores become available?

According to ACT, your June 2014 ACT scores will be posted for online viewing between June 30th and August 8th, 2014. To view your scores, log into your ACT Web account.

Online scores will show your multiple-choice scores, including your Composite score. If you took the ACT Plus Writing, your Writing scores will typically be posted about 2 weeks after your multiple-choice scores.

You’ll receive your score report within 3 to 8 weeks after the test. Here's what ACT has to say about when and where your Student Report, High School Report, and College Report will be delivered. The above links will show you detailed information on what is presented in each report.

If you have any questions about ACT’s score release process, post a comment below!