What can you bring--and not bring--to the SAT?

SAT Prep

With the SAT on the morrow, many students will spend tonight making final preparations for the test. If you're one of them, make sure you pack everything that you will need (and leave home everything that you don't) for the big day!

What you MUST bring

  • Pencils (make sure they're sharpened!) and an eraser (make sure it erases well!).
  • Identification. This one is the most important! Make sure you bring the right form of ID with you. Here are some types of ID that the College Board accepts for the SAT: State-issued driver's license, state-issued nondriver ID, school identification card, passport (this is required for test-takers in India, Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria and Pakistan), government-issued ID, or Student ID Form prepared by your school.The following forms of ID are not accepted: Social security card, credit card (including one with a photo), parent's driver's license, birth certificate, expired passport, yearbook, written physical description of the student (without photo), even if written on school stationery and signed by a counselor or principal.

What you SHOULD bring

Consider bringing some, or all, of the following:

  • A watch (make sure it doesn't have an audible alarm--that can get you kicked out of the testing center!).
  • A backpack (to put everything in).
  • Extra batteries (for your calculator or watch--just in case!).
  • Something to eat and/or drink during your break.

What you CAN'T bring

  • No phonesScratch paper
  • Notes or cheat sheets
  • Books or a dictionary
  • iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or any other type of smartphone
  • Pager
  • PDA
  • iPod or any other type of MP3 player
  • Highlighters or colored pencils
  • Compass, protractor, ruler, or any other kind of math aid
  • Separate timer or any kind of watch with an audible alarm
  • Camera or any other type of photographic, listening, or recording device (the only exception to this policy are CD players, which are required and allowed for students taking an SAT Subject Test in a language with listening)

Make sure to go over your day-of necessities the night before, so that you're prepared and ready to go. Don't forget any of the items on your "MUST" list! Good luck!

Photo: "Cell Phone Prohibited" courtesy of SmartSignBrooklyn