Vocabulary words from the October 2012 SAT

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The November 3, 2012 SAT is this Saturday, and crunch time is here. Time to get those last few practice tests done, work out those final math kinks, and make sure you know just how to break down each reading passage.

Oh, and let's not forget that ever-important element: Making sure you've got a strong vocabulary!

Having a strong vocab is one of the most effective tools at your disposal when it comes to the reading and writing sections of the SAT. To help you get those final words under your belt, our SAT gurus have come up with a list of the vocab words appearing on the October 2012 SAT--and have even linked them up with where they appear on our FREE flashcard decks (Top 200 Repeat OffendersTop 100 People Repeat OffendersTop 100 Easy Repeat OffendersTop 100 Medium Repeat OffendersTop 100 Hard Repeat Offenders, and Top 100 Extreme Repeat Offenders). Why pay for pricey SAT vocab study guides like the Direct Hits books when you can get more comprehensive flashcard sets for free? 

Check out the chart below for the words. If they have a check mark next to them, then they're included in one of our FREE flashcard decks. The "Deck" column will tell you which one. All you have to do is follow the instructions on how to print out the decks, and you're good to go!

October 2012 SAT Vocabulary WordsDon't forget to check out our SAT Free Help Area for more great free prep materials, and our SAT Word of the Day for more vocab. 

Good luck on Saturday's test!

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