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Taking timed SATs is the final key to a successful testing experience.

Studying vocab, reading dry publications, and doing math problems over and over are definitely helpful when it comes to fine-tuning your SAT skills. However, what's really going to make the difference is taking practice tests. After all, studying for the SAT but not taking practice tests is akin to a quarterback practicing throwing a football but never actually getting on the field and playing a game! 

Put your SAT skills to the test--literally--and start taking practice SATs at least a month before your actual test. Make it a point to only take official, previously-administered tests, too; you only want to practice with tests that were written by The College Board (the creators of the test). You can find real, actual SATs in The Official SAT Study Guide and other College Board publications. 

Need help timing your SATs? We can help with that. Check out the Free SAT Virtual Proctor in our SAT Free Help Area--all you have to do is press "play," and it'll time you from beginning to end of a practice test! 


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