SAT Tip Of The Week - 5/22/2012

describe the imageStruggling with subject-verb agreement errors on the Writing Section of the SAT? 

Prepositional phrases and the preposition “of” might be to blame!

The subject of a verb is never in a prepositional phrase! On the SAT, the object of the preposition will usually agree with the verb, while the true subject of the sentence is in disagreement.

For example:

Erroneous sentence: The results of the medical test was negative.

The prepositional phrase makes it sound like “test” is the subject of the verb “was,” but it’s not–”test” is part of a prepositional phrase, and the subject of a verb is never in a prepositional phrase. The actual subject in this sentence is “results.”

Correction: The results of the medical test were negative.


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