Applying To College Rocks! No, Really–It Does!

For most high school students, the college application process can be intense, nerve-wracking, and confusing—but they’re still amped to be a part of it. What happens, though, when this time of your high school career feels more like a burden rather than a boon, and more annoying than awesome? Applying to college should be fun! Exciting! Want t know how you can turn your frown upside-down? Here are five aspects of the college application process that prove applying to college is about more than just tedious forms, lengthy essays, and standardized tests.  

You Get To Tout Your Accomplishments!

Sure, filling out applications can get dull and boring, and it might feel like you’re repeating the same thing over, and over…and over. Rather than focusing on the constant repetition, though, focus on the fact that you finally get to talk about everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Now’s the time to talk about it all—and more! There’s no better feeling than having your hard work acknowledged—and that’s what college admissions are all about!

You Get To Make Your Own Choices!

High school students live in a tenuous sort of freedom: You can do whatever you want…as long as your parents allow it. When it comes to college, though, it’s all onyour own terms. You get to pick out the institutions to which you’ll apply, your classes, your major, your extracurricular activities, and whole brand-new circle of friends. This is the first time you’ll experience real independence—it’s a huge milestone, and one that should elicit excitement!

You Get To Strike Out On Your Own!

Something that many college applicants forget about is that, for the first time, they’ll be on their own—not only free to make their own choices, but free to put those choices into action. This is huge! While your parents will still likely have a say on at least the major parts of the college experience (particularly if they’re paying for some or all of it), the day-to-day living decisions will be completely up to you. The possibilities are wide, bright, and endless!

You Get To Start A Whole New Chapter!

Don’t look at the college application process as the end of your story, or the end of an era. It is actually the start of a whole new chapter—one you get to write. Choices, independence, freedom, possibilities, new beginnings, new friendships—this is the language that this new chapter is written in. And, better still, it’s not only a single chapter. It’s the beginning of a entirely new book of personal stories!

You Get To Live Out Your Dreams!

College is the place where you get to choose your life path, find your focus, and make the connections that will likely last a lifetime. You get to answer the question: What’s my dream? And then you get to take the steps to put it into action! College is a springboard to the rest of your life!   Still thinking applying to college is a drag? Think again! Take these five tips and have a blast completing your applications!