The September 2014 LSAT Post-test Analysis

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    powerscore20logo1-resized-600The September 2014 LSAT was given on Saturday, and while specific information about the test content is tightly guarded, we've still heard from a number of students, and I've read numerous accounts of the exam online, so I want to pass along their impressions.

    The general consensus of most students with whom I've spoken is that the test was predictable, if not tremendously "easy" (there is no such thing as an "easy" LSAT). The Reading Comprehension section was relatively straightforward, with passage topics ranging from Darwinian evolution to photography and advertising. The Comparative Reading passage discussed property law and ownership as they pertain to Native Americans, and some of the questions in it apparently caused problems. As in June 2014, the Comparative passages appear to be particularly challenging. 

    For those with experimental Reading Comp, a number of students have reported that theirs contained a passage discussing computer games, CFCs, and a Comparative passage on jury nullification.

    Unlike the rest of the tests in 2014, the September 2014 Logic Games did not include any surprises. There were no circular games or pattern games. All in all, the section contained a grouping game involving flower bouquets and colors, a linear game with songs on a CD, a somewhat confusing game with owners and houses, and one with Rose and Gold meeting rooms. Only one of the games seems to have presented a considerable challenge (owners and houses), mostly due to the confusing wording of some of the rules. For those with an experimental Games section, the latter contained a game with 3 families owning industries, a chef preparing a meal using seven ingredients, and tennis matches.

    Logical Reasoning is always the most difficult section to assess. The consensus seems to be that the first LR section was much, much easier than the second one, which is unfortnate: most test-takers suffer from various degrees of burn-out by the time they reach the 4th (or the 5th) section on the test. Making this the harder of the two Logical Reasoning sections is just cruel.

    So in conclusion, the September 2014 LSAT defied the recent trend of increasingly difficult RC and Games sections. It was test of average to below-average difficulty that will probably yield a less-than-forgiving curve when scores are calculated. If we are correct in our predictions, the September 2014 LSAT scores will be released on Monday, October 20th, 2014.

    Time to get those applications ready!


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