The February 2015 LSAT: What You Need to Know

    7150176115_e83e80f800_zMost test takers realize that the LSAT is offered only four times each year, but what many fail to recognize is that every LSAT administration is NOT the same! For instance, did you know that the June test is the only one not offered on a Saturday morning? Instead, it's given on a Monday afternoon (one of many reasons why it's my favorite).

    But the most uniquethe real outlieris unquestionably February.

    Not only is February your last chance to gain admission to law school for the coming year, but it has other, more subtle characteristics that are important to understand as well. So as we reach the 50-day countdown to the February 2015 LSAT, I'm going to give you a resource that shows you exactly what makes this particular exam so special.

    In a 30-minute, online seminar titled "The February LSAT and You,"** my colleague Nikki and I have broken down the February LSAT administration, discussing, among other things:

    • What does it mean for an LSAT to be "unreleased," and why does LSAC not provide test takers with a copy of the February exam?
    • How do schools treat the "last" LSAT of the year, and how can you know what your target schools think of it?
    • What effect does the rolling admissions process have on your performance and likelihood of acceptance to various law schools?
    • What happens in the event of inclement weather and test center closures?
    • And finally, how can you get prepared so that you reach your full potential by the February test date?

    The February 2015 LSAT is an incredibly important moment for students looking to attend law school next Fall, and you cannot afford to leave anything to chance--watch this seminar and ensure you have all the facts as you continue to prepare!

    Have any questions or comments about the upcoming LSAT? Leave us a note in the comments section below!

    **this link provides access to a pre-recorded archive of a PowerScore online seminar. To view the session, you will launch a Java-based player from BlackBoard, the company we use to administer all of our online content (courses, virtual modules, seminars, etc). Grant permission when prompted and the session should load automatically.

    Photo "Question Mark Cookies 3" courtesy of Scott McLeod.

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