September LSAT Takers: Advice for the coming weeks

    LSAT Prep

    1. 10.22.13_blogIf you haven't started taking practice tests, it's not too late!  ...and if you have been practicing, keep it up!  The ideal is to get so comfortable with your practice tests that when you take the LSAT it feels like just another day. Of course, not everyone has sufficient flexibility in their schedule, but even taking practice sections can be a great way to develop your endurance, practice your pacing, and continue to increase your overall comfort with the test.
    2. Keep practicing the fundamentals. Toward the end of their preparation, students sometimes get so focused on the more advanced concepts that they forget to practice the fundamentals. If you're not prephrasing an answer at every opportunity, for example, you're denying yourself and enormous advantage. The best way to ensure a strong performance is to practice until things like prephrasing are automatic. Don't wait for the big day to start doing everything right, because you're very unlikely to start changing your approach on test day (and if you do, you are unlikely to be able to do so effectively).
    3. If there is any way to do so, for the next few weeks, make the LSAT your top priority. As discussed in previous posts, effort in your LSAT preparation can yield significant returns--so make time for practice!


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