October 14th LSAT News: Digital Pilot Test 2.0 and Another September Make-Up

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    PowerScore LSAT Discussions!Tomorrow, 10/14, represents an unusual day in LSAT land, with the second iteration of LSAC's Digital LSAT Pilot Test program, as well as the second make-up date for September 16th enrollees, both being held in select locations.

    Since I know people will want to discuss these tests—I've already been getting questions from both groups—I figured I'd get the party started and provide a few thoughts.

    1.     Will the two exams contain the same content? Doubtful. That is, I don't think the same test form will be used both digitally and for the make-up.
    It takes a long time to reformat/repurpose an LSAT, so they've had this particular digital test created for a while now, and even though LSAC notes that the digital content this time will be previously unpublished (the test form used for the first pilot test in May was the September 2014 LSAT), I think they'll use a different, nondisclosed test for tomorrow's official make-up to keep the digital experience and the official one distinct.

    2.     And if they do happen to use the same form for both tablet and paper? Well, it'll at least be interesting to hear people compare experiences...

    3.     So which test(s) will they use? No clue!

    There are a lot of nondisclosed tests "in the vault" that they can pull from—this is a big part of the reason they don't release February tests, so they have a growing collection of reusable exams—as we saw with the reuse of the February 2014 LSAT for September 2017 Sabbath observers.

    At the same time, they're also not afraid to reuse content in close proximity, which is what happened for a large number of international test takers on 9/16 and Florida make-ups the following Saturday, 9/23. Meaning it's probable they'll pull a Feb/Sabbath/International test from 2013 or 2015, or, albeit a long-shot, even reuse a nondisclosed form administered last month.

    4.     Could they possibly reuse the actual September 16th, 2017 test?? No. Absolutely not.

    That test is disclosed (and as of Wednesday is floating around), and the tests tomorrow most assuredly will not be: that's 100% guaranteed for the official make-up, and unless they break their promise 100% for the digital, too.

    5.     What about scores and score release? Very different outcomes here!

    The digital test will not produce/provide a score or percentile, but instead will just give raw results (questions correct out of totals) and some generic category breakdowns. LSAC notes that you'll have these results via email in about six weeks. The paper

    The paper make-up, on the other hand, is an official test, meaning you will receive a score and a percentile that will be on your record for schools to see. Because it's nondisclosed you won't get a copy of the test or your answer sheet, however. I suspect we'll see a rush to score these, so while nothing has been announced that I'm aware of, expect results in under three weeks (i.e. early November at the latest is my guess).


    6.      Final prediction:

    Two different forms, older (or perhaps never given previously) form for the digital, and newer, previously-administered, nondisclosed form for the official make-up. Score results for the make-up in 2-3 weeks.


    We will be hosting discussions of both the Digital LSAT and the Make-Up LSAT on our Forum, so please join us there as we review these two tests!


    Let us know either there or below in the comments how it goes tomorrow, and for anyone sitting for either test—but most especially for the official version—best of luck! You've got this!


    **UPDATE: It appears the test forms used for the October 14th, 2017 official make-up exam were from the February 2013 LSAT**