PowerScore LSAT Self-Study Tools!

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    Are you plannself-study_cover_3ding on self-studying for the LSAT? Then we have a sweet set of tools for you, and the best news of all is that they are absolutely free! While we have long provided additional study support via our Free LSAT Help Area, these new tools are very focused and powerful, and are designed specifically for self-studiers. So, what do we have for you? Let's take a look:

    First, we have released a set of new, extremely comprehensive self-study plans based on our famous LSAT Bibles. These plans, which encompass 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, and 6 month horizons, lay out the optimal study approach each week, along with testing advice and links to aids such as our free test proctor. While in the past we've posted free study schedules on our blog, these new study schedules go well beyond the old ones in terms of depth and scope, and additionally provide notes on what your are studying as well as what can be skipped. All in all, they provide a self-study solution for any student, and one that takes the burden off you to decide what chapters should be read when, and what is and is not important. 

    Next, we've given students the ability to score their practice tests using our scoring system. The system allows you to see how well you did on the LSAT, and how you performed on each question. You can also see a general overview of your performance, analyze your performance on each individual question type and reasoning type, and examine the difficulty of each question. You can use the feedback to shape your studies, and track your strengths and weaknesses as you get closer to taking the real LSAT. 

    We're pretty excited about these new tools, but we're not quite done yet! In the coming days we'll be adding a more study plans and a few more features that will help you obtain the highest possible score when studying on your own. If you want to try out these new tools, they can be found at http://students.powerscore.com/self-study/index.cfm. Please check them out!

    Have any questions? Please post them in the comments below.