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    There is no doubt that the guy in this photograph was having a hell of a day. This guy is one Tough Mudder. From the photograph, though, it doesn't seem to be his body that's tough. Look at his face. There's no quit in him.  It's his mind that's tough. That same mental toughness is what you need on test day if you're going to do your very best. So, let me ask you, how tough are you?

    I suppose to answer that question you first need to know what it means to be mentally tough on the LSAT. A mentally tough person is one who can face adversity and not give up. The man in the photo did not hit the (probably  cold) knee-high mud bowl and just quit. He's pushing through the pain and the cold and his own exhaustion. On test day you have to do the same thing. When you hit a stimulus with a complex structure or a game with complex rules, don't just give up. See if you can push though. 

    Now, don't get me wrong. Sometimes, a question can be sufficiently difficult that it's a good idea for you to move on without fully understanding it. In other words, sometimes you need to quit while the quitting's good.

    But even when you need to quit a question and move on to the next one, don't let that circumstance get you down. Don't get bogged down in the muddy water the LSAT can put in your way. Keep a strong mental attitude, knowing that none of the pits they put in your way will drown you. You can get through them all.

    And the good news is that when you hit a particularly tough question, game or passage, chances are the next one will be that much easier. Another aspect of mental toughness is keeping your strategic wits about you as you move through the section. So, if you know that you probably won't finish the section on time, make it your plan to skip the hardest questions outright, coming back to them only if you have time. That way, you use strategic thinking to convert the hardest obstacles into neon markers pointing you to friendlier territory. 

    Don't fear the challenges the LSAT throws in your path and don't let them stop you, even if they slow you down. Be mentally tough on test day, and you can crush this mudder. 

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    Image "Tough Mudder" courtesy of DVIDSHUB.


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