LSAC Announces New 2018 LSAT Test Date: July 23rd!

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    A new 2018 LSAT date announced: July 23rd!You read that right: there will be a fifth LSAT administered this year (in addition to the four tests in February, June, September, and November), scheduled for Monday, July 23rd. This announcement comes courtesy of LSAC's January Newsletter, and has left students—and those of us working with them—stunned but grateful.

    The specifics of the test have now been provided, so I'll outline what we know at this point.

    1. While this is a surprise move, it's not quite as random as some have made it out to be: we know that beginning in 2019 there will be six tests offered each year instead of the standard four, so this provides a smoother segue into that heavier rotation.
    1. The July 23rd LSAT will only be offered in North America. Sorry for those overseas hoping for an extra option. 
    1. The test will be on a Monday, so the administration will run just like a typical June test (the only Monday exam to date): midday start at 12:30 pm local time, late afternoon finish, etc. 
    1. This LSAT will be paper-based, NOT the first official instance of the upcoming Digital LSAT. In fact, LSAC has stated that all tests in 2018 will be given in the traditional paper-and-pencil format, so if you're looking to test on a tablet you'll have to wait until (at least) next year. 
    1. Speaking of the Digital LSAT, the January Newsletter noted that further announcements regarding "new delivery formats" will be made "this spring." This almost surely points to the upcoming digital exam, for which they've now run two pilot events and are preparing to roll out as soon as they can, likely next year (2020 at the latest). So far there's been no further news, however.
    1. The July exam will NOT be disclosed—just like Feb where all you get is a score and its percentile (no copy of the test, its scale, or your answers).
    1. Registration is currently open for the July test, with a registration deadline of June 13th, 2018, at 11:59 PM Eastern time. This allows June 11th LSAT takers to immediately register for the July exam if they feel a retake is necessary.

    All in all this is great news, as more test dates provide greater flexibility and forgiveness if you face scheduling conflicts or need to retake (and with LSAC removing the retake limit there's no reason not to keep at it if you feel you can still improve). Plus an extra test over the summer is one more chance to hit your number before application season begins and school starts back in the fall! So kudos to LSAC for this move; fingers crossed it's a sign of continued charity to come.

    Questions or comments about the new July LSAT? Let us know below, or reach out to or by phone at 800-545-1750.

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