June 2015 LSAT First Impressions

    Another, hopefully final, Scantron sheetThe first few waves of June LSAT test takers have completed the exam and their thoughts have begun to trickle out online, which gives us a reasonable estimation of how the test went and which sections were real. Of course, I can't say anything too specific about the exam--LSAC is serious about test security after all--but I'll try to give you enough information here to allow for an informed perspective on what counted and what didn't.

    Also, please be considerate of disclosure rules in the comments below. It's fine to note general impressions about the test, or to speak of actual topics encountered like the subject of a game or passage, but anything more detailed than that is asking for trouble (so no answer choice discussions, or strategic advice).

    Let's start with Games. From what we're seeing, the real Logic Games were as follows:

    • Employees from different departments and their salaries/bonuses
    • Librarian's workweek, with 2 shifts on Saturday
    • Seven types of trees being planted in lots
    • Publication with spots for articles, features, graphics, etc.

    Reading Comprehension is a bit murkier, however people seem confident that the real RC contained a passage on glassmaking/glassblowing, and another passage on morals (specifically it sounds like it was about moral considerations of reciprocal response: lying to someone who has lied, etc.).

    If you have any additional comments or questions please post them below, and congratulations to everyone who took the test today!