Is It Too Late to Start Studying for the December LSAT? No!

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    The test is fast approaching—time to start your prep!With the final December 2017 LSAT registration set for next Wednesday (10/25), I've been getting a single question over and over from anxious students: "Am I too late to do well on the December LSAT if I haven't started studying?"

    The short answer is, "No!"

    The longer answer however is a bit more nuanced, and I want to share it with you below (taken verbatim from an actual reply I provided to a student this week):

    I wouldn't say it's too late to start, but the clock is definitely ticking. And of course the time needed to prepare and reach your goals depends on a host of factors: natural ability, starting score, particular strengths and weaknesses, desired outcome, schedule and daily study time, nature of how you use that time, prep method, mentality (fortitude both in the coming weeks and on test day)...

    If you're truly brand new to this, I'd suggest you start by taking a full, strictly-timed, real LSAT and see how that goes. The June 2007 LSAT is available for free online and is a great place to begin. You can then score it for free at our Self-Study site and get detailed feedback on how you did and where your greatest opportunities for improvement are. That will help answer a handful of the uncertainties listed above, too!

    As for how to prep, broadly it tends to fall into two categories: instructor-guided or self-directed. And within those exist a number of fine-tuned options: comprehensive or accelerated course, in-person or online, one-on-one tutoring, On Demand video course, self-study books...or some combination thereof.

    Our three most popular options for students looking to begin studying at this point are our On Demand Course, one-on-one private tutoring, and the LSAT Bibles.

    I personally recommend the On Demand Course. It contains video lessons taken directly from our 12-lesson Live Online Course, taught by one of our absolute best and most-senior instructors, meaning you get the entire $995 Live Online Course but on a subscription model for just $175/month, where you can move through the lessons at your own pace, paying for only what you need, focusing precisely on your own areas of weakness. And if you worked at the very reasonable rate of two lessons/week starting now you'd be perfectly paced for the December LSAT!

    It also comes with the full set of our comprehensive PowerScore LSAT Course materials, including a copy of every released LSAT question, over 45 hours of additional video content (taught entirely by both me and Dave Killoran, author of the Bibles), complete online test scoring and feedback, and perhaps most amazingly as an inclusive piece: access to our LSAT Instructor Hotline—every day, Monday-Friday, from 5-8 pm EST you can call our main office number and speak directly with one of our course instructors to get any questions you have answered. It's basically free private tutoring, included as part of the subscription cost. $175/month for the materials, Online Student Center, and Instructor Hotline alone is a superb deal. Add 85 or so hours of lessons taught by some of the best instructors in the world and, if I do say so myself, there's nothing quite like it :)

    Tutoring is great too, and can’t be beat in terms of efficiency—working directly with an instructor who's focused 100% on just you means every second of your time is relevant and impactful—but I wouldn't commit to that path until you take that first test and consider where you are, where you'd like to be, and what's standing in your way. Any tutor worth your time will want that info too so, again, that's your Step 1! Once you've done that, then if tutoring is appealing circle back to it and explore your options! As time winds down it's often the choice that makes the most sense.

    And certainly the most popular option, especially for the budget-conscious, is book-based self-study, which is where our LSAT Bibles shine. They're the best selling books on the market for a reason, and we're extremely proud of what they've been able to do for so many people. On our Self-Study site you can also access seven free Study Plans built around the Bible Trilogy (and companion Workbooks, if needed) and based on the time you have until test day. At this stage you'd want the Six Week (1.5 Month) Study Plan. You can even take a look at that now and consider if the week-to-week schedule suits your agenda!

    In addition to all of that there are a number of amazing, free resources you should also be utilizing, regardless of prep experience! A favorite is our free LSAT Forum, which is incredibly active and a source for answers on any/all things LSAT. We have instructors, course developers, administrative staff, and even me and Dave on there all day, every day fielding questions from students, whether with PowerScore or not, so don't be shy! We want to help no matter what prep route you take!

    Couple that with this blog and places like reddit and twitter and you've got a mountain of great content to supplement your more intensive, day-to-day activities with :)

    I hope that helps give you a sense of the many options available and at least your first few steps in making the best decision! If you have any questions feel free to ask, and good luck! You've got this!


    Let us know below if you have any questions or comments, or call us at 800-545-1750 to get started!