Introducing the PowerScore On Demand LSAT Course Tutor Boost!

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    We are thoroughly excited to announce the release of our On Demand LSAT Course Tutor Boost! Over the years we have encountered many students who prefer the self-study route when preparing for the LSAT, but who worry that they might miss a few key points or run into some challenges they simply cannot overcome on their own. But with the Tutor Boost, self-study students now have a certified expert in their corner.

    As PowerScore CEO and Logic Games Bible author Dave Killoran puts it, "This is a turbocharged version of our popular On Demand Course, allowing you to study at your own pace but with personalized assistance at the ready. So you're always on track to reach your full potential.”

    Students that sign up for this package have access to the same great features that all of our On Demand students have:

    • Immediate access to 12 full lessons taught by PowerScore Senior Instructor, Eric Ockert;
    • Our set of 4 course books containing thousands of pages of content and thousands of real LSAT questions, all deconstructed using PowerScore's famous methodology;
    • Over 45 hours of extra On Demand videos covering topics such as "Test Mentality," "Time Management and Pacing," "Question Type Relationships," and detailed Concept Reviews for every lesson;
    • The PowerScore Online Student Center containing 37 official LSATs, practice test scoring and performance analysis, lesson and homework supplements, virtual test proctors, and more;
    • Access to our LSAT Homework Hotline and LSAT Forum.

    But when you add the Tutor Boost, you will also receive two hours of one-one-one, online tutoring with one of our top LSAT coaches! As you make your way through the On Demand course your private tutor will be standing by, ready to help you identify and conquer any areas that continue to give you trouble: with personalized attention from an LSAT expert you can master even the toughest concepts with discussions tailored precisely to your unique needs. The times that you choose to utilize these tutoring hours are totally up to you, and you and the tutor can determine the best areas to focus on before your sessions begin!

    Sign up today to receive immediate On Demand access, and we’ll have you matched up with your tutor within 48 hours. An initial enrollment fee of $595 covers your first month of access, all of your course materials, and your 2 hours of tutoring. Following your first month, you will be charged the standard subscription fee of $175 per month. Just let us know when you are done studying and we'll cancel your subscription, so you only pay for the exact amount of time needed to reach your goals!

    Have questions or want to sign up over the phone? Give us a ring! Our customer service staff is happy to help during our weekday business hours of 8:00am-8:00pm EST or on Saturdays from 8:00-3:00. We can be reached at 1-800-545-1750.

    We're here for you!


    The PowerScore Team