Free PowerScore LSAT Webinar Tonight: Parallel Reasoning Questions Solved!

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Solving Parallel Reasoning LSAT Questions!Join me tonight at 8 pm EST for a detailed look at one of my all-time favorite LR question types: Parallel Reasoning! I'll break down precisely how to attack these time-consuming questions, including a comprehensive analysis allowing you to move at maximum speed without sacrificing an ounce of accuracy, and then immediately follow up that conceptual overview with six real Parallel questions from past LSATs. With a half dozen actual questions on offer you'll learn how to formulate powerful prephrases and instantly eliminate trap answers, all while solidifying your First Family skills.

Further, we'll have a chance to explore a handful of common logical flaws that frequently appear in Parallel stimuli, and conclude the session with an open-ended Q&A where you can get any and all of your pressing LSAT questions answered!

Enrollees in the webinar also instantly qualify for significant discounts on our LSAT courses, and because the session is hosted in our immersive Live Online classroom every minute will be recorded and archived for continued review. So even if you can't make the live session, signing up will grant you access to both the discount codes as well as the full recording!

To register, simply visit our Free Webinars page. And while you're there, take a look at the other upcoming seminars...there's sure to be an additional session or two well worth your time!

Hope to see you tonight!