Five Key Points About the June 2017 LSAT

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    Five Keys Ideas for the June LSATThe June 2017 LSAT is around six weeks from today, so test takers are naturally getting anxious about their remaining time. 

    To help you maintain a few shreds of sanity, I've put together five important considerations that all June students should know.

    1. Deadlines

    May 3rd: The late registration deadline is May 3rd, so make sure to register via LSAC immediately before they cut off all registration.

    May 9th: this is the date for both Test Center Changes (with additional fees) and Registration Refunds (partial). In other words if you need to move your test center, or you know you won't be taking it in June and want some money back, you need to alert LSAC by 5/10.

    May 16th: this is the last day to change your Test Date. That is, you can move your June registration to a later administration for only $90, instead of paying the full $175 again.

    June 11th: finally, this is the deadline for Registration Withdrawals, meaning your enrollment for this LSAT won't appear on the records sent to law schools when you apply (you'll lose your money, but schools won't know you were signed up and didn't go; the alternatives are an Absence, a Score Cancelation, or an actual Score).

    More information on each of these dates/descriptions can be found on LSAC's website.



    2. Study Plan(s)

    If you're currently in a course, or enrolled in one that's about to begin, this point will be less relevant, but for test takers out there who are self-studying (especially those just beginning to prep), an organized plan of attack is crucial! 

    To that end, we have our free 1 Month and 1.5 Month Self-Study Plans available that will provide excellent guidance in the weeks ahead. Remember, the LSAT can't be beaten overnight--it's not like a college exam where cramming is occasionally effective--so take every available minute over the next month and dedicate it to LSAT self-improvement. It's not too late to get started...but you need to start now!


    3. Practice and Practice Tests

    For those a little further along in their preparation, the final five weeks are largely dominated by a single, pressing objective: taking as many practice tests as possible. 

    With that in mind, let me direct you back to a blog we put together on the ideal way to take practice tests. It's not enough to just attempt test after test; you have to approach each exam correctly if you want to maximize its benefits.

    In a similar vein, the broader notion of "practice" comes up frequently enough that it too warrants some thought. The truth is, there's a fine line between proper practice and wasted time (and, distressingly, over-practice). Here are a few articles that should help you better make the distinction: 

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    4. Mentality

    The notion of proper mindset should feature into the entirety of the preparation process--whether one week, one month, or one year long--but never is it more critical than in the days immediately preceding the test.  So now is an ideal time to start getting your mind ready for the pressures of test day.

    Fortunately this is a topic we touch on often, and there is a tremendous (and tremendously helpful) body of information out there to assist you. Here are some highlights:

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    5. Score Release

    I've saved this one for last for the obvious reason that you don't really need to worry about it just yet. In fact, any real attention to when you'll have your score can, and should, wait until the test itself is over.

    But because I know people wonder, I'm taking a brief moment here to address it.

    The official score release date is given by LSAC as Thursday, July 6th. As always though you can expect to receive your score a few days early, so Monday or Tuesday of that week seem probable (no, this isn't an "official PowerScore prediction," but merely a statement on past trends that seem likely to hold going forward). Now put it out of your mind until after June 12th.


    So there you go! Hopefully that helped answer some questions, or at least resolve a few gnawing concerns. But certainly if you've got more on mind don't hesitate to let us know below, or with a call to 800-545-1750!

    Image "Colorful matches" courtesy of Lóránt Szabó.