The February LSAT: What You Need to Know

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    powerscore logo   whiteThe February LSAT is right around the corner, and the uniqueness of this particular administration always leaves test takers with a number of questions. To help address some of the inevitable confusion, I'm posting a link to a recent seminar I hosted, where I cover the specific steps you need to take for success on the February LSAT and beyond.

    The session examines everything from the nature of non-disclosed tests (long story short, test takers in February do not receive a copy of their exam when scores are released) to how this particular LSAT gets used in the admissions process. Anyone preparing for the upcoming test will likely find some valuable information in the thirty minute discussion.

    To view the seminar, click here: PowerScore's February LSAT Seminar


    And if you have any questions after reviewing the session just leave a comment below and we'll be happy to help you out!

    Note: launching the seminar may prompt you to download a Java file to your computer. This is perfectly normal and completely safe! The session runs via Blackboard Collaborate, a national leader in online education conferencing, and the provider of our Live Online course platform.