What should you do the day before taking the LSAT?

    LSAT Prep

    QuietThe December 2013 LSAT is just around the corner. Students are feverishly cramming some last-minute logic game diagramming or logical reasoning practice. However, what many forget is that there are many things they can do outside of LSAT prep to increase their chances on doing well on the test. What should you be doing prior to the LSAT to make test day hassle-free?

    The Day Before the Test

    • Make sure you have received your LSAT admission ticket from LSAC. Double-check the information on the admission ticket for accuracy.
    • Make sure you have the correct form of ID and a color picture ready to show at the testing center--otherwise, you will not be able to take the test.
    • Since backpacks are not allowed in the testing center, put together a plastic Zip-Lock bag with everything you plan to bring (see the list below).
    • On the day before the LSAT we recommend that you study very little, if at all. Typically the best approach for most students is to simply relax as much as possible. Read a book, go see a movie, or play a round of golf. If you feel you must study, we recommend that you only briefly review each of the concepts covered in the course.
    • If you are not familiar with your test center, drive by the test center and examine the testing room and parking situation. This will alleviate any anxiety or confusion on the day of the test.
    • Eat only bland or neutral foods (such as lightly sauced pasta) the night before the test and try to get the best sleep possible (at least 8 hours is ideal). Do not drink alcohol.
    • Try not to worry about the next day’s test! You’ve learned the techniques, and you’re ready to attack the LSAT!

    The Morning of the Test

    • Follow your normal routine when you wake up. For example, if you do not regularly drink coffee, do not start on the morning of the LSAT. Constancy in your routine will allow you to focus on your primary objective: performing well on the test.
    • Do a few Logical Reasoning questions if time allows. This will essentially provide an opportunity for you to “warm up” before beginning the exam. Three or four questions should be enough to get you mentally prepared for the test taking experience.
    • Eat breakfast (see our discussion of Brain Food for more information on what to eat).
    • Dress in layers, so you will be warm if the test center is cold, but also be able to shed clothes if the test center is hot. Note: Effective June 2007 no hats or hoods are allowed in the testing center(except items of religious apparel).
    • Leave early for the testing center—even if you arrive an hour ahead of time, you can sit in your car and read or relax. It’s better than getting caught in traffic and having to rush to arrive on time!
    • As you prepare to leave for the test center, run through the test in your head, visualizing an exceptional performance. We strongly believe that performing well on the LSAT requires you to believe that you can perform well. Imagine how you will react to each logic game, reading passage, and logical reasoning question. Many athletes use this same technique to achieve optimal performance in sporting events.

    Best of luck tomorrow!

    Photo: "Quiet" Courtesy of Wetsun