Take Full Advantage of PowerScore's Online Resources

    LSAT Prep

    Free PowerScore LSAT MaterialsAt PowerScore, we've invested tremendous time and energy in our online resources, both those that are free to everyone and those select materials available only to our enrolled students. For today's post, I thought I'd provide a quick introduction to these awesome resources.

    Let's start with the free stuff. PowerScore proudly makes available free LSAT preparation materials in three locations: our website, our forum, and this blog.

    Website: On www.powerscore.com, we provide free LSAT and admissions consulting help. This isn't just some static text, either. We offer free, on demand lectures from the likes of Dave Killoran, Jon Denning and Nikki Siclunov, covering test mentality, linear setup games, causal reasoning, admissions, and more. We constantly add new content, including free, online seminars taught by our top instructors.

    In addition to these videos, we have a ton of articles covering a range of topics key to your success on the LSAT, including study schedules, time management on test day, advanced section and question strategy, thorough break-downs of some of even the most obscure question types, and more. If you haven't sampled the free offerings on our site, you're truly missing out.

    Forum: At forum.powerscore.com, you can find friendly, detailed answers from top LSAT experts to all manner of questions about the LSAT and law school admissions. The PowerScore Forum isn't just some afterthought we've hurriedly set up and then left to wither on the vine. We make it a daily priorty to answer your questions and provide a true service to our community. Think I'm exagerrating? Post a question to our forum and find out for yourself. Are you wondering why we dedicate so much of our time to substantively answering questions for free, rather than just telling people to buy one of our books or take one of our classes?  It's simple: we actually believe in and act on our Core Values.

    Blog: While I know it seems a little silly to point you to our blog while you're on our blog, I'm okay with that. Here you can find daily posts by my colleagues Dave Killoran, Jon Denning, Steve Stein and Nikki Siclunov. Each has his own voice and an interesting perspective on the LSAT. If you're new to the site, search our archives to catch up. I can definitely recommend a particular author's posts (ahem).

    Now, I'm assuming your mind has been appropriately blown by all of the free materials and resources we have to offer. Just imagine what you'll find in our online student center. For those students enrolled in either our Full Length or our Live-Online, Full Length LSAT Course, there are tools to help you score and analyze your practice tests. Now, there are more drills and practice materials than you can shake a stick at, but you won't get lost in all we have to offer:  we even provide a Critical Homework List to show you how to make the most of each topic and lesson. To cap it off, we have 45 hours of on demand lectures, covering a wide variety of topics. If it's information that will help you crush the test, it's covered in our student center. 

    In the online student center available to students enrolled in our Weekend and Live Online Weekend courses, we've selected from among all of our materials those best suited to give the student with a compessed time frame the best bang for the buck. With 19 hours of on demand lectures, complete homework explanations, and an array of pre-class, post-class, and even post-test review materials, you'll be able to gain the competitive advantage you need in the time you have available.

    Whatever you situation, we've put together online materials designed to help you succeed. I encourage you to take advantage of all we have to offer. Best of luck in your studies!