The October 2013 LSAT Post-test Analysis

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    NOTE: On Tuesday night at 8 PM Eastern time we will conduct a live, online discussion of this LSAT and your options moving forward now that the test is over. To attend that free seminar, please enroll here. That aside, let's briefly discuss the October 2013 LSAT.

    The October 2013 LSAT was given yesterday for the vast majority of test takers. A few test centers ran into weather problems (one in Louisiana closed as a result of Tropical Storm Karen, and another in South Dakota was closed. If you missed the test, LSAC will re-schedule your LSAT for one of the next few weekends, but you won't take the LSAT that was given yesterday). With most students sitting for the exam, how did they feel about the LSAT?

    Overall, not bad. Many students stated that they felt the Logic Games were straightforward--not easy but also not difficult. The section with the Movies was the real section. Perhaps somewhat annoyingly, some students with an experimental Logic Games section felt the experimental LG was quite easy. As one student told me, "Some group of people in the future is getting really lucky!"

    A lot of people felt Reading Comprehension was a more difficult, especially because one of the passages seemed somewhat challenging. The section with Prions was the real section. And a majority of students who had an experimental RC section said it was easier than the real RC section.

    Logical Reasoning is always the most difficult section to assess, and comments ranged across the board from "these LRs were easier than normal" to "I found one of the sections to be among the most difficult ever."

    Overall, the feeling was that this was a fair test and not especially difficult. With that in mind, what kind of scoring scale might we be looking at?

    If the test featured 101 questions--and this one did--I had estimated last week that:

    If the October 2013 LSAT contains 101 questions, then the scoring scale will likely allow only 2 misses to achieve a 180, about 6 misses to achieve a 175, and roughly 12 misses to obtain a 170.

    Nothing in our feedback suggests the estimate above is inaccurate, and so I'll stick to that estimate for now. If you are keeping your score (and not cancelling), there's no need to worry about it further and you should simply hold on until they release the scores in a few weeks. Here's to hoping you did well! If you are thinking of cancelling, then definitely come to our free online post-LSAT discussion on Tuesday night. We'll do what we can to help!

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