Avoiding Burnout the Week Before the October LSAT

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    As my colleague Nikki pointed out in a blog post before the June test (how to spend your final week before the June LSAT), the final week before the LSAT still allows you plenty of time to improve your score! But the LSAT isn't like many of the tests you've taken over the years, where an all-night cram session is sufficient to get you through...this is a test of how you think, not how much you know. Unfortunately a lot of test takers lose sight of that and end up doing more harm than good in the days leading up to their LSAT, so I want to take a moment to caution you against over-exerting yourself before test day.

    The LSAT, as the saying goes, is a marathon: a grueling exam that requires you to be both mentally and physically prepared. And a big part of the physical side of that requirement is that you're fresh come test time. That's the reasoning we use when we discourage people from studying hard the day before the LSAT, but it applies to the week before the test as well.

    I strongly recommend that students do no more than a few hours of studying per day this week, be that a single practice test, or simply more focused review (6-8 timed Logic Games, for instance). That will allow you to continue improving before the real thing (or at least maintain your skills, pacing, and confidence), without running the risk of exhausting you so much that you're not 100% when you sit for the actual test. Trying to do full days of studying--5+ hours say--tends to gain you much less than it costs you at this point, so instead focus more on maximizing the value of a few hours of studying, and really work on your mentality/mindset. There are great discussions of the proper mindset here andhere that are well worth the read!

    So use the final week to get yourself not just mentally ready by continuing to study, but also physically ready by knowing when to take a break. That will guarantee you're at your absolute best when it counts!

    And if you'd like some more specific, tailored-to-you advice, leave us a comment and we'll be happy to help you further!


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