PowerScore Announces New LSAT Download Store

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    PowerScore Download Store

    PowerScore is pleased to announce our new e-publications download store, which can be found at http://downloads.powerscore.com. The store allows for the purchase and instant download of complete LSATs and explanations in PDF format.

    As the store launches, we are featuring recent LSATs—including the June 2013 LSAT—as well as various explanations for each test. In coming days, we will add a broad slate of products, including access to every released LSAT PrepTest, complete explanations for numerous LSATs, e-pub versions of our books, and a wide variety of new and specialized question collections. For example, we'll add collections of every Grouping game, every Numerical Distribution game, every Logical Reasoning Principle question, every Law-related Reading Comprehension passage, etc.

    One of the big advantages of the download store is the ability to make your purchase and receive access to the material immediately. Need an explanation for a tricky LSAT Logic Game? You can download the explanations for that game and get help instantly. You can also print multiple copies of your test materials, so if you want to try a certain section multiple times, for example, the 50 hardest LSAT Logical Reasoning questions, you can print a new copy each time you want to attack the questions again.

    This is a tremendous resource for LSAT students, and it is the only place where you can download explanations that use the system and methods taught in the PowerScore LSAT Bibles.

    Visit http://downloads.powerscore.com to take a look at what's available.

    Questions about the download store, or suggestions for something you'd like to see made available? Please post them below in the comments!