The LSAT: When will LSAC release June score reports?

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    UPDATE: LSAT Scores are coming out today, 7/1/13, as predicted below. 

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    We have posted on this in the past on our LSAT forum and in our blog, but we continue to get questions about when June LSAT takers can expect their score reports. LSAC has set July 5 as the official release date for the June 2013 scores, but that doesn’t mean you will necessarily be waiting until next Friday for your scores.

    Historically, LSAC has tended to release scores before the announced, official release date; among the last four times that LSAC set a July release date, the actual release date came four days early on three out of four occasions (in the other instance the score reports were released three days early). If LSAC’s history of releasing score reports provides an accurate indication, you could likely be seeing your scores as early as Monday or Tuesday—so enjoy your weekend!


    Photo by Takahiro Yamagiwa